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Centres of Excellence

Entrepreneurial, innovative and exceptional at many things - Belfast is the home of world-class research with two leading universities so it makes good business sense to come here for your event. From world-class research into the fight against cancer right through to literature, poetry and creative industries not to mention software, engineering, renewable energy and life and health sciences, you'll be surprised at what we know!

Health and MedicineHealth and Medicine

Over the years, Belfast has earned a reputation for breaking new ground in healthcare and medicine. It's a city from which Milk of Magnesia and the portable defibrillator, hailed as revolutionising emergency medicine invented by Professor Frank Pantridge, all emerged. Read more

Life and HealthLife and Health Sciences

Northern Ireland has developed as a prime location for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, thanks to a long history of technological innovation, backed by a highly educated, young workforce and an internationally recognised research base. Read more

BusinessBusiness, Professional and Financial Services

Belfast is well established as a global business service destination with expertise in a range of functions from customer services, technical support, human resource outsourcing and legal services. The business services sector employs around 13,000 and the financial services industry 23,000 people locally. Read more


The island of Ireland, located at the extreme edge of Northwest Europe, has an offshore marine territory which covers ten times its landmass and a coastline which industry experts have said is amongst the best in the world for offshore wind, wave and tidal resources. Read more

AerospaceAerospace and Defence

In Northern Ireland over 7,500 people are working in our aerospace, defence and security sectors contributing £1 billion per year to the local economy. At the heart of our local sector are two of the world’s industry leaders, Bombardier and Thales. Read more

Creative ArtsCreative Arts

With such a rich art and cultural heritage, it's no wonder that Belfast is home to an incredible range of unique and exciting arts venues and performers. Read more