• A Must-See Destination

    If you don't take our word for it then here's a few highlights from what everyone else is saying.


Belfast is a new and exciting destination which is increasingly making it onto the world’s must see list. Voted as one of the world’s Top 10 destinations in 2012, The National Geographic Traveller called the city a "treasure".

Industry testimonials

"It was great, the food, the incredible atmosphere and don't take this wrong - in many ways it reminded me of Cuba, what it was like there seven or eight years ago. I felt that this place was a treasure that had sort of been preserved, it hadn't been trampled on by the big foot of tourism and so I really loved its purity. You look at where the energy spots are in the world and this is Belfast's time." 
National Geographic
“Get here early and enjoy it before the rest of the world arrives.”
Lonely Planet

The Financial Times (FT) has listed Belfast as one of the 'Top 10 places in the world' to hold a conference or major event. The FT says significant investment in Belfast's tourism, accommodation and transportation infrastructure secured the position as an international conference and events hub, putting us up there with Melbourne, London, Barcelona and Guadalajara.

Client testimonials

"Our Belfast program was successful for many reasons, especially because of the support of the Law Society of Northern Ireland, the Bar Council of Northern Ireland, InvestNI, and Visit Belfast. The program exceeded even our highest hopes and expectations."
American Bar Association
"Throughout Congress many delegates commented positively on the friendliness of the people of Belfast and vibrancy of the city."
"The Games have been judged by many as the best ever and your support enabled us to develop the event."
Westfield Health British Transplant Games
"The main ingredient in making the event so memorable was the staff of Visit Belfast.  Everyone was helpful, friendly and I do not think there could be a group of people so able in any other city, anywhere."
The Pony Club