The Dock is a pop-up honesty-box coffee bar, art gallery and information venue at the ARC apartments in the heart of the Titanic Quarter.

The Dock is unique. A pop-up space for community, conversation and life in the Titanic Quarter. Furnished in a fusion of old and new it's a space to relax, unwind, meet up and chill out. You can enjoy hot strong coffee, a huge variety of teas and delicious bakes – or BYOF (bring your own food) and use the plates, knives and forks. 
You can find a table, a squashy sofa or a cosy corner to watch the world go by. You can browse a huge range of art and photography from archive pictures of Titanic under construction, to cutting-edge art, to photography of Belfast's shipyard at every stage of its history. Explore some unique artefacts from Belfast's shipbuilding heyday including models, relics and furniture from the evocative Harland & Wolff Drawing Office building. There's even a door from Thomas Andrews' family home. Dabble with a huge range of board games and jigsaws if you have a few hours to spare.
Find out all about what's on offer in the Titanic Quarter at the information stand, or by chatting to the  enthusiastic volunteers. You can pick-up a bargain at the pop-up market stall, which is available for all sorts of different local cottage industries and home businesses. Take time to pause and reflect in the Prayer Garden, a little corner of greenery, light and quiet in the corner of the cafe. You can strum on the Titanic Guitars and even meet Kate and Leo (they're the goldfish).
Everything from the art, the food, the coffee, the photography, and the sculpture is local and home-made, the whole enterprise is volunteer-run, and the ethos is hand-built with love. We're here to celebrate the good news in Belfast and enjoy Life in the Titanic Quarter. 
ARC Apartments, 2K Queens Road
Titanic Quarter,

Top Reasons To Visit

  • The Dock is Europe's only Honesty Box Coffee Bar
  • You can bring your own food and enjoy it on a comfy sofa
  • There's a huge array of local art, photography and sculpture
  • There's lots of unique, quirky shipyard memorabilia
  • There's a prayer garden where you can pause and reflect

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    The Dock is a pop-up honesty-box coffee bar, art gallery and information venue at the ARC apartments in the heart of the Titanic Quarter.

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