Ireland’s largest whiskey festival is fully online this year. Belfast Whiskey Week is hosting 39 unique tastings and over 25 local entertainers to create a fantastic festival that caters to all whiskey enthusiasts, from the experimental to the highly critical.

This July was meant to be about bringing as many Irish whiskey distilleries and whiskey brands to Belfast. Instead Belfast Whiskey Week 2020 has had to adapt to COVID-19 to deliver the world’s largest Irish whiskey festival straight to your door!

The festival is supported by more than 30 distilleries and brands, who have come together to help provide some much needed light during these dark times.

Expect an extra ordinary line-up with over 35 unique tastings taking place!

Belfast Whiskey Week is delighted to announce that it is playing host to at least six distillery exclusives as well as the launch of a new Irish whiskey.

The festival will also showcase the launch of Connacht Irish Whiskey, the first of its kind in over 100 years in County Mayo!

There will be specialist tastings including a few experimental casks and a highly sought after pre-1970s Irish whiskey tasting presented by Fionnán O’Connor.

Introduction packs are also available to give an insight into Irish, Scottish, English and world whiskies.

There will be tweet tastings, live broadcasts, and fully interactive tastings to provide a variety of ways for you to get involved.

And of course a festival is not complete without an exclusive festival bottling; thanks to Killowen!

But hold on! What would a festival be without entertainment? The festival has lined up plenty of DJs, musicians and comedians to help you enjoy the drams.

Depending on what tastings you get involved with, you might even get a surprise knock at the door during the festival!

Belfast Whiskey Week has participants from the US, India, across Europe and in the UK getting involved to join this year’s celebrations, and are also offering hand delivered tastings across Ireland to keep the costs to a minimum.

So even if you are from Kilkenny or Sligo the Belfast Whiskey Week team will ensure you can get involved. Don’t use the excuse that Belfast is too far away, they are bringing Belfast to you!

Belfast Whiskey Week would like to thank Duke of York and the Friend at Hand for their continued support in the festival.

This will truly be a week of exploration and discovery and most importantly....Craic! ‘It’s going to be ninety!’

For more information visit

Tickets & Pricing
  • Tickets £3 - £215
Fri, 24 Jul 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Sat, 25 Jul 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Sun, 26 Jul 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Mon, 27 Jul 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Tue, 28 Jul 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Wed, 29 Jul 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Thu, 30 Jul 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Fri, 31 Jul 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Sat, 01 Aug 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Sun, 02 Aug 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Mon, 03 Aug 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm
Tue, 04 Aug 2020 12:00 - 10:00pm

Belfast Whiskey Club

  • c/o Visit Belfast Welcome Centre
  • 9 Donegall Square North
  • Belfast
  • Antrim
  • BT1 5GB

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Belfast Whiskey Week
Belfast Whiskey Week
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Belfast Whiskey Week

24 Jul - 04 Aug 2020

Ireland’s largest whiskey festival is fully online this year. Belfast Whiskey Week is hosting 39 unique tastings and…

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