Thinking of visiting Belfast? There’s so much to see and do, but the most memorable part of any trip is always the experiences you enjoy along the way.

Take in the sights and attractions of the city, but be sure to tick these activities off your Belfast bucket list before returning home. And if you missed a few on your last trip, it might be time for a return visit!

Kiss The Big Fish

Did you know that if you kiss The Salmon of Knowledge (affectionately known as The Big Fish), you'll gain all of its wisdom? It's got to be worth a try! This 10 metre long salmon was created by Northern Ireland artist John Kindness and has become iconic to the city. Pose with your best trout pout for a photo with him, but don't forget to take notice of its blue tiles, which depict the history of Belfast.

Drink a pint and listen to some traditional music

After exploring the city, it’s time to sit back and relax, and check some traditional music off your list. Pubs such as McHugh’s, Kelly’s Cellars, The Duke of York and The Dirty Onion are all great spots to enjoy some traditional music with a pint of Guinness.

But if you’d like to get involved, why not stop by The Dirty Onion on a Tuesday evening, where you can try your hand at playing the bodhran, a traditional Irish drum. Alternatively, take to the cobbled streets of the Cathedral Quarter on a Belfast Traditional Music Trail, or learn to dance with Céilí Belfast.

Eat A Belfast Bap

Nothing says Belfast like an Ulster Fry or a good old Belfast Bap. The city is brimming with tasty spots for breakfast and brunch, but there’s no greater spot to enjoy the taste of Belfast than St George’s Market. Join the queue for a ‘belly-busting’ Belfast Bap, brimming with our breakfast favourites, or visit George’s Of The Market for a sit-down Ulster Fry.

Walk to the top of Cave Hill

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If you love the great outdoors and spectacular views, a climb to the top of Cave Hill is the ultimate bucket list activity. Offering the greatest views of the city, a trek from the stunning Belfast Castle to the top of Cave Hill is a great way to spend an afternoon. Why not bring a picnic and make the most of your day?

Take in the views from the Victoria Square dome







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We all love a panoramic city view. And whilst there are rooftop bars with various vantage points of the city, there is no greater view within the city centre than that from the Victoria Square dome. Made from 364 individual pieces of glass, the dome is a spectacle in itself, and offers views of Belfast from every angle, as far as the eye can see. If there’s time, be sure to fit in some retail therapy or a bite to eat in Victoria Square.

Discover Narnia at CS Lewis Square







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Are you a literary fan? If so, step into Narnia at CS Lewis Square, a public space commemorating the Belfast-born author with a collection of public art sculptures dedicated to the Chronicles of Narnia. Among the seven bronze sculptures are characters including Mr Tumnus; The White Witch holding her infamous Turkish Delight; and a large sculpture of Aslan, which forms the centerpiece of this magical square. 

Take a photo under the Commerical Court umbrellas

It's usually wise to pack an umbrella on a trip to Belfast. But if you've forgotten, head for Commercial Court in Belfast's lively Cathedral Quarter, where you'll find a street covered entirely with umbrellas! Pose under the umbrellas, and admire the street art on the surrounding walls, showcasing some of Belfast's most famous faces. How many can you name?

Stop by the Duke of York for a drink and some good old fashioned Belfast craic while you’re in the area.

Sign the Peace Walls







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Belfast’s Peace Walls are a legacy of the city’s tumultuous past, and a history lesson for tourists wishing to learn about The Troubles. Nowadays, it has become tradition for tourists to add their signature to the peace walls, and famous signatures include those of the Dalai Lama and former US president Bill Clinton.

A great way to explore these walls and the city’s murals is via a black taxi tour, where you will learn all about the history of the city from an expert guide.

Indulge in a tipple with a sip of local gin

Everyone knows that a pint of Guinness is standard procedure for a visit to the Emerald Isle, but did you know that Belfast is gaining a name for itself in the world of gin? Jawbox and Shortcross are just two local gins that have become popular in the city, so be sure to sample a gin and tonic while you are visiting, or go one step further and take a distillery tour at Echlinville Distillery or Rademon Estate Distillery.

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