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A Game of Thrones film location experience like no other Belfast tour, and the only tour that can include meeting the Direwolves, Summer and Greywind, from the HBO series.

An epic Game of Thrones film location experience in Ireland and the only tour that you can meet the Direwolves from the HBO series Summer and Greywind! 

Not only do they offer the filming locations as an attraction but all of their tour guides have featured as extras, doubles or support actors in the show and work as tour guides in between filming jobs! No better people to tell you about Game of Thrones than faces you have seen in the show.

They have screenshots and video clips to show the scene at the location and get a feel of what was filmed there as well as how it was filmed with behind the scenes shots and video. Most locations require walking, so please bring suitable footwear for walking through forests and along coastlines, as well as a coat in case of rain. Lunch is offered at a local Irish restaurant, the price of lunch is not included in the ticket price.

They have cloaks and swords on the tour that you get to pose with for complete immersion into everyone's favourite show, the swords are actual replicas and the cloaks were handmade by a member of the Game of Thrones Costume department!

This is a family run business and everyone in the family have been involved since Season 1 and their Dad was a Dothraki slave master with Khal Drogo!

What does this tour include?

  • Meet and greet with the two actual Direwolves Summer and Greywind

  • Handmade cloaks made by a member from the costume department

  • Weapons, costumes and flags

  • Explore some of Ireland’s most scenic locations

  • Entertaining and knowledgeable guides who featured in the show as extras

  • All the Game of Thrones "Behind The Scenes" stories of a film set

  • Collection from City Center

  • Small groups.


9am – Meet your guide beside Belfast City Hall. They can be easily spotted by the Stark flag they will be holding. Otherwise look for the coach that will say ‘Coach Connections Ireland’ on the side. Just ask the friendly (bearded) driver to confirm you are on the right bus. After a short intro from your Tour Guide leave for the first location.

10am –Explore the Ancient ruins of Inch Abbey a monastery dating back to 800ad and the location Robb Stark was crowned “The King in the North!”.

11am – Tollymore Forest better known to you as the Norths Haunted Forest and Winterfells Wolfwood. Trek into one of Irelands oldest forests to stand where white walkers once stood and where Direwolf pups were found.

2pm – After the morning trek relax and enjoy some quality local Irish food and drink in a restaurant with WIFI.

2.45pm – Remember the Direwolves in season 1! Well now you will meet Odin and Thor the dog actors that played the role of Direwolves, and hear a tale from one of their owners local Irish Artist William Mulhall who featured as a Dothraki Slave Master.

3.30pm – Complete your day as a Stark by visiting the set location where Winterfell was filmed in Season 1. Known locally as Castle Ward estate the area is home to around 11 different shot locations. You will visit the most memorable!

5pm – Well done you survived a day in Game of Thrones® now go tell all your friends! Back to Belfast in time to enjoy some famous Belfast hospitality.

* This tour is independently operated by Direwolf Events Limited. It is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with ‘Game of Thrones'. 



  • 9 Donegall Square North
  • Belfast
  • Antrim
  • BT1 5GB
  • Dragon Tour

    The tour that brought you Direwolf Tours now guide you to the Dragon locations! Visit many breath-taking filming locations along Ireland’s scenic northern coastline!

    The tour lasts around 9 hours with minimal time on the coach. Wandering caves, Coastline and ancient castles!


    09:00 – Belfast Coach departs.

    10:00 – Kings Road – Dark Hedges. Easily one of Ireland’s most photographed locations! This popular Game of Thrones location was used in the scene Arya and Gendry hitch a lift on the back of a cart to travel north. These Trees frame a beautiful road that looks best when its quiet this is why we visit first thing in the morning to avoid the overcrowding of tour companies arriving.    

    10:30 – Pyke – Ballintoy. The Home of the Greyjoy’s. This location is a picturesque village at the bottom of a winding cliff road is known to you as Pyke Harbour.

    11:10 – Kings Moot – Larrybane. No better introduction to one of everyone’s favourite characters than her smashing a knight into the dust. This old quarry has amazing coastal views of the deep blue water that is known to you as “The Stormlands” 

    11:40 – Lunch

    12:30 – Dragonstone – Fairhead. Home of the Targaryens “Bend the Knee” These epic sea cliffs of Dragonstone make a great runway for Dragons and a Jon Snow smolder. This location took 7 seasons to arrive to and the wait was worth it!

    13:20 – Cushendun Caves. When Ser Davos and Melisandre enter this cave it births a grim terror for Renly. 

    14:10 – Braavos – Carnlough. Sunny Braavos is right here in Ireland just above Belfast! Check out where Arya became someone at this little Harbour.  

    15:10 – Belfast.


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