Malone House is a stunning Georgian mansion, located just five minutes from Belfast City Centre in south Belfast.

The venue offers walking, jogging or picnics in Barnett Demesne, a free exhibition in the Higgin Gallery and several pieces of public art in the manicured gardens.

Whether you're visiting with friends or spending time with family, Malone House makes the ideal base for a fun day out.

Surrounded by acres of majestic parkland, the house is within easy reach of nearby Shaw's Bridge and the Lagan towpath, where you can enjoy a wide range of activities, including canoeing and kayaking.

Closer to home, the beautiful estate grounds of nearby Barnett Demesne are the ideal spot to enjoy a brisk walk, jog or picnic if the weather is fine. The park also offers plenty of opportunities to spot some of the local wildlife and biodiversity living nearby.

Afterwards, why not call into Higgin Gallery and catch a free exhibition from some of Belfast's finest professional and amateur artists?

And, if that whets your appetite, there's plenty more art to enjoy in the landscaped gardens, which are home to several public art pieces, many of which have been inspired by Malone House's idyllic setting.

  • Barnett Desmesne
  • Belfast
  • Antrim
  • BT9 5PB

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Mouth-watering menus in the Barnett Restaurant
  • Local artist exhibitions in the Higgin Gallery
  • Beautiful walks along River Lagan
  • The award-winning Barnett Demesne park
  • Mountain bike trails and jump park at Barnett Demesne

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