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Stormont Estate is a woodland park open to the public and has beautiful gardens, walking and fitness trails and a children’s play park.

The Estate has been recognised as one of Northern Ireland’s best green spaces with the prestigious Green Flag award.

Home to the Northern Ireland Government, on a visit you can explore its history and see the many interesting features of the Estate.
  • Upper Newtownards Road
  • Belfast
  • Antrim
  • BT43TA
  • Stormont Trails

    There are three woodland interactive trails within the public area that seek to connect visitors, including families and young people, with the rich biodiversity of the Stormont woodlands, highlighting what the Estate has to offer and to give a brief insight into the history of the Estate.

    The trails have been created suitable for a range of age groups with each trail supported by a map incorporating a quiz. The trail routes include key marker locations and clues which provide for an enjoyable, educational and engaging experience for all whilst actively promoting and encouraging the evolving areas of interest.

    Trail guides are available in the Stormont Estate or can be printed at home by visiting the NI Direct website.

    • History Trail – this trail gives an insight into the rich history of Stormont Estate.
    • Woodland Trail – this trail consists of sensory points and features such as small tree houses, bird houses and woodland carved animals placed around the Estate.
    • Environment Trail – this trail allows visitors to discover some of the heritage, fauna and wildlife available on the Estate.

    Each trail takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

  • Play Park

    The children’s playground is near the Upper Newtownards Road entrance, has climbing frames, slides and swings suitable for young children and seats where parents can relax. There are also picnic tables and facilities for table top barbeques


  • Fitness Trail and Outdoor Gym

    The fitness trail covers 1.6km, with outdoor gym equipment at various parts of the trail. Stormont Estate is also home to the Stormont 5k parkrun which takes place every Saturday at 9:30am.

  • Orienteering Course

    There are three permanent orienteering courses of varying lengths within the grounds of the Stormont Estate.

  • Points of Interest

    Around the estate, you will also find historic buildings, statues, memorials and some interesting WW2 sites, including the original barrage balloon anchors that held the balloons protecting the government buildings from bombings during the war.

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Stormont Estate
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