Please note, Northern Ireland will be in a six-week lockdown from 26 December. During this period all non-essential retailers, visitor attractions and accommodation providers will be closed and pubs, cafés and restaurants will be open for takeaway only.


Irish whiskey tastings tours tailored to suit the various venues and occasions. Bespoke tours can be arranged.

Irish whiskey has a long a fascinating story, one that almost faded into history. Professional Blue Badge tour guide Marty McAuley, owner of, blogger and whiskey reviewer for the Sunday Life newspaper, can guide through the past, present and future of Ireland’s best loved spirit.

Join regular tasting sessions at McHugh's Bar, housed in one of Belfast's oldest buildings.

Ulster Whiskey can also arrange:

  • Chartered boat trips to Campbeltown or Islay from Ballycastle see website for details

  • Corporate events including pub tours and tastings with food pairings

Whiskey tastings include basic to more exclusive, premium bottlings. Being fully independent, Ulster Whiskey can let you appreciate the full range of Irish whiskeys as they are not a brand ambassador.

  • c/o Visit Belfast
  • 9 Donegall Square North
  • Belfast
  • Antrim
  • BT1 5GB

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Blue Badge professional guide
  • Whiskey columnist
  • Whiskey blogger
  • Event creator

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