There's an old Belfast saying: "If you can't get it in Sawers, you can't get it anywhere." Selling a range of fine foods, it's Northern Ireland's oldest deli.

Sawers has always prided itself on stocking an extensive range of fine foods and offering a level of customer service synonymous with the olden days. Sawers has a history of supplying game, poultry, seafood, cheese and other fine foods to the R.M.S Titanic Drawing Offices for functions and special royal visits in the past.
Established in 1897, Sawers is full of culinary delights. Serving only the best in fresh seafood, olives, cheese, charcuterie, cooked meats, Italian pastries, deli to go, oils, game, preserves, marmalades, teas, coffees and much much more. So why not drop in and check out the extensive selection of local products as well as the best gourmet cuisine from around the globe.
5-6 Fountain Centre
College Street,

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Stockists of a wide variety of fine foods
  • Located in a beautiful store in the city centre
  • Frequently hosts food tastings and other related events
  • Sawers and the goods on sale are a feast for the senses
  • Part of the seasonal Belfast Bred Walking Food Tour

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