Quality and fun walking tours in Belfast City Centre. Experience Belfast offers a long tour (2.5 hrs), short tour (1.25 hrs) and a full day tour (6 hrs).

Belfast is emerging from a troubled past, the legacy of which still haunts the city in the numerous ‘peace walls’ that scar neighbourhoods. They are part of the story but they’re not the only story in a town that was once known for it’s radicalism and humanity. A place that is vibrant and alive with creativity and talent. Belfast has world class visitor attractions but what makes the city special are the people. The walking tour provides you with the complete Belfast Experience covering all aspects of this wonderful, fascinating city. There’s nothing the tour guides don’t know about the place, in fact, they even wrote a book on it, “The Little Book of Belfast”. 
The walking tours start on the pavement outside the main gates of Belfast City Hall. They'll always carry a large green and white umbrella so you can spot them in the crowd. The tour finishes less than 3 minutes away within sight of City Hall.  
The tours are the perfect introduction to the city. The pace is moderate, the craic is 90. There are plenty of photo opportunities as well as tips on what to see, do, drink and eat. Both cover serious issues but both are guaranteed to entertain, fascinate and engage. Tours operate daily in summer with times varying over the winter. For more details see

Long Tour  

There’s More to Belfast than Walls - This tour is aimed at people who want a deeper understanding of Belfast, the troubles, the politics, people, economics, government and humour. It explains the past but looks to the future and places Belfast within the context of a fast changing world. There is plenty to learn about the vibrant creative scene, links to punk rock and Bill Clinton and much more besides. It is not a standard, sightseeing tour, although there are plenty of opportunities for that. In Belfast, it’s often what you don’t see or what is hidden just below the surface that is most illuminating. This is as much a piece of theatricality as it is a standard walking tour which sounds pompous but we’re not! The age range for this tour is 14+. 

Short Tour 

Hidden Belfast - The aim of this tour is to provide you with a fun, informative introduction to the city uncovering places and people you might not otherwise learn about. The core of the tour looks at Belfast’s hidden history both historical and modern. Discover Belfast’s hidden gems and visit sights of great historical interest. It is suitable for people of all ages, families and children. 

Day Tour 

If your time in Belfast is short, this Day Tour is the best way to see and understand the city. Your day starts with ‘There’s More to Belfast than Walls’. After your walking tour, relax in one of Belfast’s best pubs where you can enjoy a fantastic two course lunch with a complimentary drink before being picked up for one of Belfast’s legendary black cab tours. Experience Belfast will take the hassle out of the arrangements and provide you with the best, to guarantee a fantastic day. 

Opening Hours 

  • Long Tour: 10am daily
  • Short Tour: 11am and 1pm
  • Day Tour: 10am
  • Times may vary


  • Long Tour: £15 (no concessions) 
  • Short Tour: £10 adults, £6 children aged 12+, free for children under 12
Experience Belfast
C/O Visit Belfast
9 Donegall Square North,

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Established, reliable tours delivering consistent quality.
  • The only city centre walking tour in Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame
  • A great introduction to Belfast
  • It’s a memorable, fun experience that engages and informs

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