A voyage on Strangford Lough is a must-do. Discover the lough, its scenery, its history and its incredible wildlife.

A voyage on Strangford Lough has much to offer, and Strangford Sea Safari's boat tours are the perfect way to take it all in. Their boat tours are peppered with nuggets of interesting info along the way, as local skippers impart their knowledge and passion for the wonderful area, and take you to the best spots on the lough.

Your tour starts as the tide ebbs and flows through the lough's mouth, known as 'The Narrows', passing by ancient castles which guard the shores; and around its many 'Drumlin' islands.

The lough is a haven for marine and bird wildlife, many of which have migrated all the way from the other side of the world, earning the lough the accolade of World Marine Nature Reserve. Seals and porpoises are frequent in the waters, dolphin sightings are on the increase, and many migratory birds including the Brent Goose and Arctic Tern visit every year.

As for historical appeal, you will step back in time to the Viking era, when Vikings pillaged the shores many years ago in their longboats, giving the lough it's name 'Strangfyorthe', an old Norse name meaning 'strong fjord'.

The lough's striking landscapes and crumbling castles have also attracted many Hollywood film productions. Cinderella, Game of Thrones, Frankenstein and Vikings, to name but a few, have all been filmed in the area in recent years.
Strangford Sea Safari
Strangford Village Pier,
BT30 7NE

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Discover Angus Rock Island and Lighthouse
  • See the SS Empire Shipwreck from DD Landings
  • Get 'up close' chance encounters with sea birds, seals, porpoises and dolphins
  • Learn about Sea Gen, the world's first ever electricity generating tidal turbine
  • See the Great Whirlpools at famous 'Routen Wheel'
  • Opening Times & Pricing

    Strangford Sea Safari operates seasonally from Easter until the end of September, and also on Bank Holidays

    Whirlpool Special Trips

    • £25 per adult
    • £22 per child (16yrs and under)
    • Family Ticket £87 (2 adults and 2 children) suitable from age 3

    High Tea at Sea Trips

    • £35 per adult
    • £29 per child (16yrs & under) – suitable from age 8

    Private Charters also available


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