NITOUR provides a bespoke chauffeur driven tour of Belfast and Northern Ireland in a luxurious, private car for up to 7 people.

NITOUR provides a high level of customer service and experience to tourists, delivering safe and luxurious transport at a fair price. Explore all the best things that Northern Ireland has to offer and which make it a unique destination to visit.
Make your travel arrangements in Northern Ireland part of your experience and enjoyment with NITOUR, for whatever type of trip you require. Relax in a new, luxury Mercedes V-Class after being collected from your chosen destination, having completed a brief pre-journey checklist to ensure you receive the bespoke service you expect. NITOUR can accommodate a maximum of seven passengers.
If you are visiting Northern Ireland and its landmark sites and attractions for the first time, your driver will act as your tour guide. There is also a range of in-car videos showcasing the key sites and attractions across Northern Ireland for you to discover. Please note that the tour guiding service is only available when the car is stopped, as for safety reasons the driver's concentration needs to be focused on the road when transporting you and your guests safely between your chosen locations.
As a member of Tour Guides NI and a WorldHost Ambassador, NITOUR also has relationships with a number of highly experienced tour guides who are able to provide in-depth walking tours for any specialist interests you may have e.g. historical, political, the arts and more. If you choose to employ one of these guides to join you then the maximum of guests in your group will be reduced to six people.
Your driver can also act as your personal videographer for the day and you will receive a password protected link to your video memento of your visit to Northern Ireland a few weeks after your trip. Please note that this service is subject to an additional charge, depending on the length of edited video highlights that you request (note: complimentary with any bookings of 8 hours or more).
Please visit the website to view suggested itineraries for the numerous sites and attractions that Northern Ireland has to offer, whether you’re here for just one day on a cruise ship or are visiting for a few days longer with more time to enjoy as much of our wonderful country as possible.
C/O Visit Belfast
9 Donegall Square North,

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Luxurious private vehicle for 7 guests with complimentary wi-fi, phone chargers and drinks
  • Videos and photos of your group shared via private link
  • Professional member of Tour Guides NI and World Host Ambassador
  • Synchronised iPads to view videos of all that Belfast and Northern Ireland has to offer
  • In-car language translation App (IOS) to ensure no-one misses any important information

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