My Belfast Walking Tour takes you on a stroll through Belfast’s most historic city streets to the once vibrant dock community of Sailortown.

On this unique walking tour through Belfast City centre you will hear about the people, places and events that shaped it into a global industrial city. Travel through the narrow entries where city life began, soaking up the vibrancy and challenges of those who became part of its birth.

Listen to the stories of the people, rich and poor, who became part of Belfast known and unknown history. See the places where Jewish families paid homage to their families’ achievements, rivers flowed through city streets, printing presses brought news from Belfast to the world, great buildings were erected, small churches provided worship and villains were hanged in public.

As you walk through Belfast’s city streets you'll hear about its Freemason Communities, the old bars that sprang up and still provide hospitality to this very day, stand in the smallest street stage in the world (allegedly), see the building where Belfast voted to abstain from the Slave Trade and see how one modern building reflects Belfast’s tenement history.
As you walk out of the heart of the Belfast towards Sailortown you will hear about the once vibrant dockers’ community where Belfast shipbuilding began and eventually disappeared. Sailortown was an area of narrow, bustling streets where people made their livelihood on the banks of the River Lagan. With a population of over 5,000 people this tight, close and hard working community provided the people power to a booming industrial rise of global reach.

With sailors, dockers and their families packed into these streets Sailortown became a bustling community populated by local characters, such as Rinty Monaghan (World Boxing Champion), Jimmy Hasty (the one armed football wonder) and Lilly McWilliams (poet). You will visit the iconic Sinclair Seaman’s Church and the newly re-opened Chapel on the Quays (St Joseph’s Church); important buildings of worship and landmarks for any returning deep sea sailor from the deck of a ship.

Now a largely forgotten part of Belfast and ravaged by development decisions in the 1960s and 1970s, Sailortown began to disappear from the maps, along with most of the people who lived there. Let your mind be transported back to a time when streets were filled with the life and energy of a forgotten community; through your eyes their memories can be restored to their rightful place as the people who built Belfast City.
The tour takes 2 hours to complete and covers a distance of 2 km. While the walk is not demanding, appropriate footwear is recommended, as is weather appropriate clothing. This tour is not suitable for under 14s and is dog friendly. Group sizes are restricted to 10-12 per tour.
Meeting Point: Otto Jaffe Public Fountain in front of Bittles Bar. Sunday: 2-4pm.
£10 per person. Under 16s £5 per person. 
70 Upper Church Lane,

Top Reasons To Visit

  • A unique guided experience of Belfast City centre that takes you off the beaten track
  • Witness some of the most iconic buildings in Belfast, their histories and the people
  • Hear about people history books have forgotten
  • Experience a uniquely different perspective of Belfast
  • Take the opportunity to be part of breathing life back into forgotten parts of Belfast

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