Just 40 minutes from Belfast, explore over 20 key Game of Thrones filming location hotspots on the ancient sprawling demesne of Castle Ward.

Old Castle Ward was used extensively by HBO for filming Game of Thrones as Winterfell Castle, and 19 other key film location hotspots are on site including:
  • Bran's fall from Winterfell Castle
  • Winterfell Archery Range
  • Walder Frey's Twins
  • Tree branch where Brienne confronts Starkmen
  • Theon beheads Ser Rodrik
  • Robb's camp
  • Lannister camp
  • Baelor Battlefield
  • Whispering Wood
  • Winterfell brothel
  • Tree where Robb Stark and Talisa got secretly married


Award Winning Winterfell Archery ‘Movie Set' Experience

"Which one of you was a marksman at ten?.....Keep practising, Bran." (Eddard Stark – Season One, Episode One)
An exact replica of the 'Winterfell Archery Range' has been masterfully recreated in the courtyard in the very same spot that the filming took place, transporting you into the world of Westeros. Dress up in character costume and step into the movie set - don't forget your camera!
Priced from £29 per person, this unique experience includes:
  • Entry pass into 'Winterfell Archery Range' movie set
  • Dress up in Game of Thrones Stark family costumes
  • Receive instruction from 'Jon Snow' character costumed archery instructors
  • Shoot medieval arrows using ancient 'long bows'
  • Hear all the gossip from our instructors about what went on 'behind the scenes' on the actual filming days
  • Ample photo opportunities so you can share with your friends on social media
  • Minimum age of 8 years
  • Session lasts approximately 45 minutes
The Private Ned Session is priced at £99 for two people and £29 per person thereafter, and is suitable from age of six.
Combo Package: Book in combination with Game of Thrones tour - Film Locations cycle trail and receive a complimentary Winterfell Craft Beer.
Other activities available on-site at ‘Old Castle Ward' include:
  • Canoe and kayak hire
  • Sea Safari sightseeing boat trips on Strangford Lough
  • Coasteering
  • Archery
  • Mountain biking
  • Climbing and abseiling
  • Crate stack climbing
  • Orienteering
  • Clay pigeon laser shooting
*These tours and activities are independently operated by Clearsky Adventure Centre and are not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with 'Game of Thrones'.*
Winterfell Tours
Castle Ward Estate
BT30 7LS

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Visit the location where Winterfell was shot in Game of Thrones!
  • Meet the Direwolves who starred in the show
  • Dress up in character costume and step into the movie set
  • Practice your archrey
  • Create your very own Game of Thrones moments
  • Westeros Cycle Trail

    The cycle trail lasts for approximately 2.5 hours. Now is your chance to discover these special filming locations for yourself and recreate your very own Game of Thrones tour moments, including a Game of Thrones tour 'Stark Sack' to ensure you have great fun out there in the wilds of Westeros.

    Tour Ticket Costs 

    £38 per person or £20 per child of 12 years and under. Includes one bicycle per person and 'Stark Sack' (each 'Stark Sack' consists of two GoT costume cloaks, two LARP swords, a medieval scroll movie map and use of an exclusive iPad with Game of Thrones Locations App). 

    Combo Package: Book in combination with Game of Thrones tour archery 'movie set' experience and receive a complimentary Winterfell Craft Beer.

  • Meet the famous Direwolves

    Ever wondered what the Direwolves would be like in real life? Well, here's your chance!

    Odin and Thor are Northern Inuit Breed dogs, brothers and are named after the Old Viking Gods. They starred in many Game of Thrones scenes including the 'finding of the Direwolf puppies' scene, and now you can meet them on your Game of Thrones tour at their home, Winterfell Castle, by prior arrangement.

  • Overnight Game of Thrones Glamping Mini Break

    Bed down for a night in one of the quirky glamping pods deep in the forest of 'Winterfell'. Explore the sprawling demesne and its many filming location hotspots and recreate your very own Game of Thrones tour moments! Your package also includes:


    • Game of Thrones Tour - Archery 'Movie Set' Experience 
    • Game of Thrones Tour – Filming Locations Cycle Trail.


    £245 Mon-Thurs, £250 Fri- Sun. Please note that there is an additional £45 surcharge applicable for Bank Holiday weekends and estate event dates.

  • Luxury Game of Thrones Private Tours

    Discover Winterfell Castle and Demesne plus other key Game of Thrones tour film locations in the beautiful surrounding County Down countryside as the guide drives you around in one of the VIP luxury Range Rovers.

    Hear fascinating stories about how the film sets were created and some insider gossip about what the cast got up to behind-the-scenes. Your guide will also show you exclusive behind-the-scenes video clips, notebooks and photographs from the actual filming days.

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