Belfast Coffee Map is Belfast’s first pocket guide to the best speciality coffee in Belfast; a collection of essential stops for any visitor to the city.

There are countless ways to explore Belfast, but none are as easy-going and aromatic as that of the roaming coffee drinker. Belfast's coffee scene is booming and the discerning caffeine devotee will not be left feeling disappointed when they visit!
Belfast packs a punch when it comes to high quality speciality coffee and is leading the way globally in its pursuit of creating the perfect cup. Let this portable pocket map guide you as you tour and explore our vibrant, gritty, creative city. From the handsome university zones to its leafy suburban roads and cobbled heart-of-the-city streets, this is Belfast by coffee cup.
The Belfast Coffee Map is available to buy at the Visit Belfast Welcome Centre, 9 Donegall Square North, Belfast.
Belfast Coffee Map
c/o Visit Belfast Welcome Centre
9 Donegall Square North,
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