A unique walking tour delivered by former political prisoners who share their personal experiences of the British/Irish conflict

Experience authentic tours, delivered by trained guides where you will explore the richness of the history and culture of West Belfast murals and more. All Coiste guides are political ex-prisoner of the republican community and will share their particular perspectives on the history of the area they grew-up in. This political exchange would have been unheard of until very recently and is a fascinating way to spend a few hours with those who have first-hand experience of the British/Irish conflict.
Tours of the Falls Road depart from the Divis Tower every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am and every Sunday at 2pm. Tours last 3 hours.
Tours depart Divis Tower (Falls Road),
BT12 7NA

Top Reasons To Visit

  • A unique walking tour
  • Learn about the conflict from those who lived through it
  • Irish, Basque, Spanish and French tours also available
  • Falls Road Mural Tour

    A unique walking tour delivered by former political prisoners who share their personal experiences of the British/Irish conflict.

    The Coiste's Falls Road Mural Walking Tour starts at Divis Tower at the bottom of the Falls Road and travels through a main arterial route of West Belfast, visiting The International Wall, the Republican Memorial gardens and many murals, each with their own particular story, some relating to conflict in other areas around the world.The tour finishes at Milltown Cemetery where three of the hunger strikers who died during the 1981 hunger strike are buried with other comrades who also paid the ultimate sacrifice in pursuance of their political beliefs. This tour is a must do for the visitor to Belfast. It is living history provided by those who have lived through the conflict and helped shape the current peace process of today.

    After the tour finishes you are invited for a complimentary glass of Guinness in the Felons Club, a local pub, the perfect way to get a little bit of the Irish craic!

    This tour is just £10 per person and can be paid cash on the day directly to our tour guide or on our website if you prefer.

    Tour times:

    • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: 10am - 1pm
    • Sunday: 2-5pm

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