Step aboard HMS Caroline, a unique survivor of The Battle of Jutland in World War One.

Step on-board HMS Caroline and be blown away by a dynamic film showing the drama and devastation a battle can bring. Explore the impressively recreated cabins that have been restored as if the crew left the ship yesterday, listen in on the everyday sounds in the Captain's and Senior Officers' cabins and enjoy interactive exhibits throughout the ship.
Soak up the atmosphere as you learn about communication at sea in the Signal School and see if you can crack a code using techniques like semaphore and flags. A visit to the Torpedo School enables visitors to explore naval weaponry and dazzle, learn all about war at sea, create your own dazzle camouflage and evade an enemy attack.
The Virtual Access Suite provides access to remote and hidden areas of HMS Caroline. Learn how the ship works with interactive exhibits and take control of HMS Caroline in the Virtual Bridge. Here visitors will also learn about Caroline's impact in Belfast, her home for over 90 years.
The historic spaces on HMS Caroline have been recreated to look as they did in 1916, the year that HMS Caroline was part of one of the largest naval battle in history, the Battle of Jutland.
Walk along the decks and see the ship's replica 6-inch and 4-inch guns. You can also head to the Navigating Bridge where you can explore the Captain's Sea Cabin.

The HMS Caroline Experience:

HMS Caroline
Alexandra Dock
Titanic Quarter, Queen's Road,

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Explore a range of fully restored historic spaces
  • Discover what life at sea was like for over 300 crew members
  • Visit the fun and interactive Torpedo School
  • See exhibits, some interactive, about communication at sea
  • See and listen in on the Captain's and Senior Officers' cabins
  • Mess Deck Café

    Sailors were generally well-nourished to keep spirits and energy levels high for their busy days on board the ship, and the staff at HMS Caroline continue this tradition. Why not take a break and relax in the Mess Deck Café on the lower deck, serving local produce? Here you can enjoy a hearty and wholesome drink and snack before you continue your journey through HMS Caroline. The café also showcases a historic recreation of a Light Cruiser's mess table, ready for the crew to enjoy a meal.

  • HMS Caroline Gift Shop

    Mark your visit to HMS Caroline with a special memento from the onboard shop. Browse for gifts, clothing and posters inspired by HMS Caroline and Royal Naval Heritage. The shop offers a wide range of quality souvenirs, ideal to bring home for friends and family.

  • Opening Hours

    Tide times can affect accessible access to the ship. For more information, visit

    • HMS Caroline is open daily from 10am – 5pm
    • Last admission is 4.15pm
    • Recommended tour time is 90 – 120 mins.

    For more information and to book tickets and save up to 20% visit

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