View and shop the exclusively designed and crafted gifts, jewellery and home collections at Newbridge Silverware's flagship store in Belfast city centre.

History, heritage and craft have been synonymous with Newbridge Silverware for more than 80 years since the company's formation as a cutlery manufacturer in 1934. More recently, the company has gained recognition for its exclusive and unique ranges of jewellery and giftware.
Today, a whole new generation and market recognises Newbridge Silverware as a major name in design and craft for many aspects of their lifestyles including hand crafted and exclusive tableware and jewellery, as well as accessories, gifts and interiors. The factory at Newbridge Silverware is one of the last of its kind left in Europe with a team of skilled craftspeople, each with a lifetime's experience of craft and design.
If after visiting the Belfast flagship store, you wish to learn more about the brand's history and heritage, a trip to the award winning Newbridge Silverware Visitor Centre is a must. It boasts the Silver Showrooms, Café Carleton and the Museum of Style Icons, an extraordinary collection of costumes and personal effects from some of the world's most popular celebrities. The museum includes one of the world's greatest collections of Audrey Hepburn couture and original paper artefacts, as well as garments worn by Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and much more.
The Newbridge Silverware Visitor Centre is located just over two hours from Belfast and five minutes from the M7 Motorway.
Newbridge Silverware
43 Arthur Street,

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