Discover the story behind Belfast's maritime magic at the site of the Thompson Dry-Dock an

Today the Pump-House comprises of a Visitor Centre & Cafe, Interpretative Centre, meeting rooms & event space. We also operate daily tours - a publicly accessible intact piece of the Titanic's great legacy which is open in the city of her birthplace - Belfast.The site is based in the Northern Ireland Science Park which is recreating, in the beginning of the 21st century, the buzz that was here at the beginning of the 20th century. Harland & Wolff was renowned worldwide for its innovative ideas on shipbuilding; it was at the forefront of technology, at the cutting edge, as are those companies attracted to NISP today. Guided tours offer visitors an in-depth tour of the Dock and Pump-House. Learn how this feat of Edwardian engineering worked, brought to life through state-of-the-art animation, and discover what it was like to work in the bottom of the Dry-Dock from our very own 1911 Apprentice! Hear the powerful pumps in the Edwardian Pump-House through our fully integrated sound and light show. Interpretative panels, archive film footage, and computer generated imagery tell the story of the people, the ships and the technology.Let our Guided Tour take you through this maritime marvel and follow the scale trail along the dock to find out just how big it really is! (Tour lasts approximately 1 hour) Outside of these hours visitors are still welcome to visit to view and walk along the Dry-Dock and view the exterior of the Pump-House and HMS Caroline (no charge).Highlights of the tour include: 
  • Marvel at the mighty dry dock - Titanic's physical footprint in history! 
  • Come to grips with the past - see and touch the tools used by workers in this very dock! 
  • See Titanic here at the dock - Our audio visual presentation includes rare footage of Titanic here at the dock in 1912! 
  • Experience the engineering brilliance - See the original pumps that could empty the massive dock in only 100 minutes, with a full audio/visual presentation explaining how they work!
Titanic's Dock & Pump House
NI Science Park
Queen's Road,

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