Watch as light and sound come together in perfect harmony, lighting up the city centre with a ‘gift for all’ this Christmas.

The H&M building along Royal Avenue will be illuminated with a spectacular Christmas animation.
The first show will take place on Monday 17 December at 4.30pm and will continue to play at regular intervals every evening until 22 December.

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    The King's Singers

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    Sat, 22 Jun

    The King's Singers will be performing their only concert on the island of Ireland in 2019 at Belfast Cathedral on Saturday 22 June.

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    Isla Grant Yellow Rose Tour

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    Highly respected singer and prolific songwriter Isla Grant makes a welcome return visit to Northern Ireland after an absence of two years.

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    Tue, 26 Mar

    Would you like to find out about the different types of weather records held at PRONI and what these can tell you?

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    13-14 Jun

    Killymuck is a black comedy based on a fictitious housing estate in N.Ireland.

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    Black Box


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    21 Feb-20 Jun

    Escape the relentless agora in a night of recorded music and live drawing.

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    Estranged siblings Jean and Gary are thrown back together when their mother passes away, leaving a small fortune under her bed - the only st...

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    An Evening Of Poetry With Marie Howe

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    Marie Howe will read from her work and engage in conversation about the work and art of words at a special intimate evening of poetry in Bel...

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    Blue Planet II: Live in Concert

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    Sat, 23 Mar

    Experience the beautiful footage of the BAFTA award-winning Blue Planet II accompanied live by a full symphony orchestra.

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