The magnificent masts of Tall Ships return to Belfast’s quaysides, signalling the start of one of the city’s most popular family events, the Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival.

Returning for its 11th year, our quaysides will come alive on the last bank holiday weekend in May, from 25 - 27 May 2019.
Visitors are invited to:
  • Hop aboard some magnificent vessels
  • Sample an array of maritime-themed family fun and food
  • Watch roving international street performers and shows.
There will also be lots to see and do over the weekend in Titanic Quarter with live music, authentic nautical cuisine and family fun.
You’ll also be able to experience Belfast’s rich maritime heritage through a bumper-packed programme of free activities along the Maritime Mile.
For more information, call Visit Belfast on 028 9024 6609.

Titanic Quarter

The birthplace of Titanic is Belfast's newest and most vibrant destination, Titanic Quarter Ltd co-promotes the Titanic Quarter development with Belfast Harbour.

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