Inspired by the true story of the 17th Century Portrush Giantess, Mary Murphy, Freak Show is an original blast of irreverent theatre from Portstewart's Big Telly.

Mary married a dashing French sea captain who gave up his seafaring to manage her ‘freak show’ celebrity. After years of international acclaim, Mary was reported destitute, no longer with her captain, her celebrity forgotten.
The script uses material from Moyra Donaldson's collection 'Miracle Fruit' which explores a fascination for the Enlightenment era, the physical freakery of those living on the margins of society, and a personal, tangible sense of loss.
Premiered in the MAC at the Belfast International Arts Festival in November 2018, Freak Show examines themes of performance, exploitation and consent and reflects a contemporary fascination with fame, scandal and privacy. Clashing dark with light, it will contain maximum craic and heartbreak in spades.
Freak Show features original music by Garth McConaghie, and stunning choreography from the team that brought you The Faerie Thorn.
Suitable for ages 12+
Tickets & Pricing
  • Standard £15.00

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