Direwolves, The Throne, Drinking Horns, Cloaks and Game of Thrones™ themed Cocktails this is the only place to be the Night season 8 airs! 6 Episodes, 6 Nights with 6 different Quizzes.

GOT Direwolves are calling the banners to invite you to join them at the Biggest Game of Thrones™ themed event in Ireland North and South!
Joining this Game of Thrones™ event are the Cast that played the Direwolves! Bran Starks Direwolf Summer and Robb Starks Direwolf Greywind will be attending. Known as Odin and Thor from GOT Direwolves this night is already Howling with excitement!
Gather your clan together for a battle of the minds in our Game of Thrones™ themed quiz! Incredible prizes every night!
The Iron Throne awaits, you now can show the world that you are the King or Queen you always knew you were! Make all your subjects bend the knee to you as you wear a cloak and hold a replica sword from the show!
Game of Thrones™ themed cocktails will make you feel fiery or cold to the touch as some cocktails will be made with Johnny Walker “Wight Walker Whisky” what are you going to try? Dragon Queen or The Long Night?
The Drinking Horns you drink your beer from are yours to keep! Along with a signed “Pawtograph” from Odin and Thor.
Watch the Episode projected on a large screen with your clan together eating and drinking and in awe at the greatest show on earth!
  • £15 – Standard entry
  • £25 – Includes a Drinking Horn, Pawtograph (Signed autograph from the Direwolves) to take home.
For more information email: 
Tickets & Pricing
  • Standard £15.00-£25.00

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