This course will be run over 2 x three hour sessions starting with picture taking, through to editing, processing, and printing your negatives.

The course will cover the basic Lightroom features and techniques that you can use to adjust, correct and enhance your photographs, how to prepare your photographs for printing, and how to catalogue and organise your library of images.
What you will need:
  • No requirements. They provide iMac computers with Lightroom and images for you to use during the course.
What you will learn
  • Basic overview of the display, interface and controls of Lightroom.
  • Working with images in the RAW format.
  • Adjustments such as levels, curves, colour correction, lens correction etc.
  • Using synchronised settings to apply edits from one image to multiple.
  • Manage your workflow through cataloguing, archiving etc.
For more information contact Conor at
Tickets & Pricing
  • Standard £80.00
Sat, 25 May 2019
10:00am to 4:00pm

Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery

Born from engagement with the community, Belfast Exposed houses contemporary photography galleries, bookshop, and Troubles image archive.

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Upcoming events at Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery


Level 1: Black & White Photography

gps_fixed 0.57KM
18 May

This course will be run over 2 x three hour sessions starting with picture taking, through to editing, processing, and printing your negativ...

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Post Truth Exhibition

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29 May-07 Jun

Belfast Exposed is delighted to present Post Truth, a group exhibition curated by Deirdre Robb and included in the 2019 Belfast Photo Festiv...

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Artist Talk: MFA Photography Students

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Thu, 30 May

Belfast Exposed invites you to the Artist Talk with MFA Photography Students, following the opening of their exhibition 'Post Truth' in Gall...

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    The Belfast Music Tour

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    The world’s most beloved tenor, Andrea Bocelli, will be returning to the SSE Arena, Belfast.

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    Marriages and Mansions

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    D-Day 75th Anniversary Talks at HMS Caroline

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    Mindful Yoga Morning

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    Enjoy a relaxing morning of gentle yoga, home-made refreshments, a fabulous guided nature walk along the Waterfall Trail and a delicious lun...

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