A group of well-known local musicians have joined forces to form a tribute group to the much-loved Dubliners. The Belfasters will be playing in the Devenish, which will be a great way to kick-off the St Patrick’s weekend celebrations.

The aptly named Belfasters comprise of father and son duo Seán and Seán Óg Mac Corraidh, Gerard McNeill, Shane McNeill and Stephen Loughran.
Seán Mac Corraidh is a popular Belfast folk singer, Seán Óg is of the Rising of the Moon fame, while Gerard McNeill is a singer from The Rapparees. They will be joined by Shane McNeill, a music teacher from St Dominic’s and Stephen Loughran, a well-known flute and whistle player who is just back from touring with the Rhythm of the Dance.
The super group, who have formed as part of Féile an Earraigh will take to the stage to perform all the Dubliners classic hits as well as a few Irish language songs.
Tickets are available from the Devenish reception. 
Tickets & Pricing
  • Standard £5.00

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