Each year, Belfast attracts a host of international artists who add to the ever-evolving canvas of our city’s streets. We’ve rounded up just a small selection of the street art Belfast has to offer. Discover them on a self-guided walking tour using our map below. Our streets are always changing, so while you’re exploring you might even come across new artworks!

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Golden Hares of Rathlin Island

Annatomix, 2018
Castle Street

Annatomix’s beautiful geometric hare can be found just off Castle Street, at the entrance to Marquis Street. Though the Irish hare is one of Europe’s rarest animals, some of the largest colonies can be found in Northern Ireland and there’s a group on Rathlin Island, off the north coast of Antrim, with a distinct genetic variation – the ‘golden’ hare.

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Keep Her Lit

ADW, 2016
Union Street

With a human heart fitted with a pressure clock set among pipes and chains, this unique piece by ADW has industrial themes, complemented by the electrical box included in the artwork.

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In Your Face- Belfast Spring

Studio Gift, 2023
James Street South

This stunning mural on a former linen mill portrays a symbol of new beginnings. Just like the flax flowers from which linen is made, spring is often associated with a fresh start. Traditionally flax plants are given to newly weds to honor their new life together!

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Aches, 2020
Kent Street

If you’re talking a stroll down Kent Street, don’t miss Aches 3D mural ‘Disruption’ above the Bingo hall! Captured is Stephen Considine from BipolarBear Wear- an organisation which sells gear to raise money for mental health charities.


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Mikey- The Man with the Atom Tattoo

Voyder, 2023
North Street/ McKibben’s Court 

This piece of artwork captures Mikey- a close friend of Voyder’s who pushed him artistically to become the successful artist he is today. Mikey is pictured in a freight yard where the two of them used to paint train carriages. He has now become a talented tattoo artist!

Blurry Eyed Dan Kitchener Street Art

Blurry Eyed

Dan Kitchener, 2016
Talbot Street

This mural depicting a soaked urban street was created freehand without the use of guides or stencils. Find it on Talbot Street in the Cathedral Quarter.

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When You Weren't Looking

Kitsune Jolene, 2022
Queen Street

This stunning piece of artwork by Belgian artist Kitsune was nominated as one of the top pieces of street art in the world in 2022. This mural echoes the message that magic always comes your way when you are least expecting it.

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R.O.A, 2023
Donegall Street 

Belgian artist R.O.A has painted this large squirrel as part of Hit the North 2023. R.O.A takes his inspiration from animals- particularly showcasing the lifecycle of life and death. Find this distinguished mural on the side of the Irish Times building on Donegall Street.

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Still Water

Nomad Clan, 2017
Hill Street

Manchester-based Nomad Clan touch on Belfast’s industrial heritage in this piece, which shows a modern young woman face-to-face with a wolf, representing past tensions and an acknowledgment of past and present.

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The Son of Protagoras

MTO, 2014
Talbot Street

This striking piece of art is named after the agnostic Greek philosopher ‘Protagoras’. After learning that there is still a large division between the protestant and catholic communities within Northern Ireland, MTO created this mural. The boy represents the son of peace and the arrows which have killed the dove are symbolic of the two conflicting religions.

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The Duel of Belfast, Dance by Candlelight

Conor Harrington, 2012
Hill Street

This stunning piece on Hill Street in the Cathedral Quarter was painted by Irish artist Conor Harrington. It hints towards the colonial West, depicting two duelling men and an onlooker.

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Star People

Rocket01, 2023
Kent Street

Take a walk down Kent Street to see this incredible design by Rocket01. The artist’s surreal and futuristic style of painting is truly impressive.

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Nesting Time

Andrey Palval, 2023
Union Street

Aundrey Palval’s ‘Nesting Time’ portrays a little tern- typically a type of seabird- mothering a chicken. Palval’s artwork beautifully captures photorealistic images of birds and can be found across the globe. Find it on Kent Street just down from The Sunflower Pub.


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Life Preserver

Shane Sutton,
High Street

This piece by Shane Sutton demonstrates Belfast’s vulnerability to rising sea levels and the imminent threat of climate change. Shane designed this mural in partnership with Friends of Earth and Strange Spaces.

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The Chef

Smug, 2016
High Street

This stunning portrait can be found on the side of the Ulster Sports Club at the bottom of High Street. The three-story image of a chef with a lobster was created by Australian artist, Smug.

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Let Me Unsee

Art of Asbestos, 2022
North Street

Don’t miss this eye catching piece created at Hit the North Street Art Festival 2022 – the mural represents a feeling of being overwhelmed by today’s technological world and the desire to switch off your eyes and process fewer things.

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Deep Love

ADW, 2017
Dunbar Street

ADW’s iconic painting of a diver in an antique diving suit carrying a mermaid in his arms can be found on Dunbar Street.

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Woman And Parrot

SANCHO, 2018
Gresham Street

Created by Columbian street artist Sancho Medina as part of the Hit the North 2018 festival, this colourful image of a woman and parrot stands over three storeys on Gresham Street. Sancho’s work is inspired by man’s close relationship with nature.

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Spirit of Commerce

Irony, 2020
Pottinger’s Entry

Discover this incredible piece by Irony, which was part of the Belfast entries project, on Pottinger’s Entry.

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The Acrobat

Alice Pasquini, 2018
Donegall Street

Alice Pasquini’s ‘The Acrobat’ is a tribute to Will Chamberlin, the director of Belfast Circus School who passed away in 2017. This piece portrays an acrobat in a state of repose in mid air, symbolizing Chamberlin’s impact across the community.

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Various Pieces

BustArt (2022), Annatomix (2023)
Kent Street

Both of these eye catching mural’s were painted as part of Hit the North Festival. Neo-pop artist, Bust, created ‘Various Pieces’ (on the left) as part of Hit the North 2022. Annatomix took inspiration from Bust’s colour palette at this year’s festival and created a cartoon style backdrop for their signature fox.

Street Art Map

Street Art Walking Tour

Belfast is a city with a unique tradition of murals and while there are lots of tours which showcase the murals of the old Belfast, this tour is something different. This tour is all about the new Belfast and the street art scene which is now flourishing.

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