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Each year, Belfast attracts a host of international artists who add to the ever-evolving canvas of our city’s streets. We’ve rounded up just a small selection of the incredible street art Belfast has to offer for you to discover wherever you are right now! Simply tap on ‘street view’ beneath each piece to venture through our streets virtually and see the masterpieces up close.

Our streets are always changing, so while looking at a virtual street view you might come across blank walls now covered with exciting new artworks! When it’s safe to explore again, take a self-guided walking tour using our map below to discover even more Belfast street art.

Golden Hare Street Art Castle Street

Golden Hares of Rathlin Island

Annatomix, 2018
Castle Street

Annatomix’s beautiful geometric hare can be found just off Castle Street, at the entrance to Marquis Street. Though the Irish hare is one of Europe’s rarest animals, some of the largest colonies can be found in Northern Ireland and there’s a group on Rathlin Island, off the north coast of Antrim, with a distinct genetic variation – the ‘golden’ hare.

Keep Her Lit ADW Union Street Street Art

Keep Her Lit

Union Street

With a human heart fitted with a pressure clock set among pipes and chains, this unique piece by ADW has industrial themes, complemented by the electrical box included in the artwork.

RuPaul Emma and Lanny Union Street Street Art

RuPaul Mural

Emmalene Blake and Lanni Powder
Little Donegal Street

‘Sashay away’ to Little Donegal Street to see this striking mural of the world-famous drag queen RuPaul.

Son of Protagoras  MTO Talbot Street Steret Art

The Son of Protogoras

Talbot Street

Showing a boy clutching a dove that has been struck by two arrows, this mural by MTO touches on Belfast’s past conflict. Find it on Talbot Street, opposite Belfast Cathedral.

Conflict SABEK Talbot Street Street Art


Talbot Street

Using bold, contrasting colours Sabek depicts the conflict between a worm and a crow, which is narrowly missed by a fired arrow. The image stands out against the historic red brick of the wall it’s painted on, with you’ll find on Talbot Street.

Blurry Eyed Dan Kitchener Street Art

Blurry Eyed

Dan Kitchener, 2016
Talbot Street

This mural depicting a soaked urban street was created freehand without the use of guides or stencils. Find it on Talbot Street in the Cathedral Quarter.

Harland and Wolff NOMAD CLAN Hill Street Street Art

Still Waters

Nomad Clan, 2017
Hill Street

Manchester-based Nomad Clan touch on Belfast’s industrial heritage in this piece, which shows a modern young woman face-to-face with a wolf, representing past tensions and an acknowledgment of past and present.

The Duel of Belfast Belfast Street Art Conor Harrington

The Duel of Belfast, Dance by Candlelight

Conor Harrington, 2012
Hill Street

This stunning piece on Hill Street in the Cathedral Quarter was painted by Irish artist Conor Harrington. It hints towards the colonial West, depicting two duelling men and an onlooker.

Some Asshole Whitewashes a Rembrandt PANG Hill Street

Whitewashing a Rembrandt

Hill Street

Part of PANG’s ‘Miniature Assholes’ series this piece shows a stunningly crafted portrait of a man being whitewashed over by a painter in the bottom right corner.

Unbreakable Psychonautes Hill Street Street Art


Hill Street

Psychonautes’ ‘Unbreakable’ consists of hundreds of geometric shapes making up a picture of the skateboarder Jay Adams. Find it on Hill Street next to works by PANG and Conor Harrington.

High Street Court Chef Street Art

The Chef

Smug, 2016
High Street

This stunning portrait can be found at High Street Court at the bottom of High Street. The three-story image of a chef with a lobster was created by Australian artist, Smug.

Belfast Romances Street Art Bullitt Hotel

Belfast Romances

Leo Boyd, 2019
Jubilee Gardens, Victoria Street

This mural on Bullitt Hotel came from a collaboration with local artist Leo Boyd, Jameson Irish Whiskey and DC Tours. Created in a pop-art style, the colourful artwork is an ode to the artist’s favourite things and is now a stop on DC Tour’s city walking tour. Find it on the external wall of Bullitt facing Jubliee Gardens.

Deep love Adw Art Dunbar Street

Deep Love

Dunbar Street

ADW’s iconic painting of a diver in an antique diving suit carrying a mermaid in his arms can be found on Dunbar Street.

Pelican Street Art Pottingers Entry Belfast City Council


Nomad Clan, 2020
Pottinger’s Entry

Find this stunning created by Nomad Clan in Pottinger’s Entry. The pelicans are taken from the Pottinger family crest, while the Asian flowers represent trading routes from Belfast’s industrial past.

At the Mouth Street Art Belfast City Council 1

At the Mouth

ADW, 2020
Crown Entry

This colourful piece by ADW includes nods to Belfast’s coat of arms, maritime history and punk scene in the late 70s. Find it on Crown Entry, between Ann Street and High Street.


Danleo Design, 2020
Crown Entry

Don’t miss this colourful salmon in Crown Entry, painted by Danleo

Spirit of Commerce

Irony, 2020
Pottinger’s Entry

Discover this incredible piece by Irony, which was part of the Belfast entries project, on Pottinger’s Entry.

Street Art Map

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