Ranked in the global top 10 most sustainable destinations, Belfast City is full of sustainable activities to keep you busy during your visit. Have a look at some jampacked eco-friendly ideas below.

Travel Green Around Belfast

Be an environmentally-friendly explorer by following our advice on how to get around Belfast in an eco-conscious way.

Translink Metro Bus

Hop on a Bus

Translink offers transport across Belfast and Northern Ireland, and they are committed to sustainable travel for locals and visitors alike. If you’re planning on making the most of public transport in Belfast, make sure to pick up a Belfast Visitor Pass to bag lots of offers on local attractions.

Value Cabs

Book Low-Emission Transport

Sometimes it just makes sense to get straight from A to B, safe in the knowledge that the taxi driver knows the way! Over 60% of Value Cabs’ fleet is now low-emission and you can request a low-emission vehicle in advance, promising a more environmentally-friendly way to get around the city.

The Big Fish

Explore on Foot

Step up and step out on your visit to Belfast. There is no mode of transport more eco-friendly than your own two feet, and this compact city is easy to navigate on foot at a leisurely pace. Download a city map and explore on your own terms.

Belfast Bikes

Jump on a Bike

If you need some wheels, there are Belfast Bikes available for public hire at over 40 docking stations around Belfast. Take advantage of more than 300 bikes that you can rent 365 days a year from 6am to midnight. Be instantly flexible and move around the city quickly.

Enjoy a Green Attraction in Belfast

When it comes to green activities, the Emerald Isle doesn't disappoint! Why not choose from a selection of activities during your 24hr visit to Belfast.

  • Titanic Belfast
    Titanic Belfast

    Titanic Belfast

    2.72 KM

    Titanic Belfast is the world's largest Titanic visitor experience and a must-see on any visit to Belfast and…

    Find Out More
  • Belfast Zoological Gardens
    Belfast Zoological Gardens

    Belfast Zoological Gardens

    6.46 KM

    Belfast Zoological Gardens is home to more than 120 species of animal, many of which are in danger…

    Find Out More
  • Colin Glen
    Colin Glen

    Colin Glen

    10.05 KM

    Go Black Bull Runnin’ and 'Flyover' the Belfast Hills at Colin Glen. From Alpine coasteering to laser tag,…

    Find Out More

Take a Tour on Foot or Bike!

Why not take a tour on foot or bike around the city? An increase in cycling, e-biking or walking over time lowers daily mobility-related lifecycle CO2 emissions.

Shop Sustainably

Grab your bag for life and head out shopping in Belfast City Centre. Have fun exploring different independent and eco-friendly stores.

Studio Souk

Eco-friendly Shopping

Check out what shops in Belfast are committed to sustainability, reducing environmental impact and providing eco-friendly products.

Craft NI Gallery Ceramics

Independent Shops

Belfast is full of unique, independent retailers offering everything from fashion, to arts, crafts, food and drink.

Eat Green

Head out in Belfast to taste delicious, fresh, locally sourced foods. Go to a local market and gather your ingredients or head out for food and try some plant-based cuisines.

St Georges Market2

St. George's Market

Head to St. George’s Market on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and try some of the finest fresh produce Belfast has to offer. This market has become one of the city’s most popular places to visit. You can eat at one of the many food trucks for breakfast or lunch. Before you head don’t forget to collect all your ingredients so that you can make a delicious meal at home.


Restaurants with Vegetarian & Vegan Menus in Belfast

Belfast has no shortage of cuisine for plant-based diets. Take a look at our top picks of restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options in Belfast.

Stay Over in a Green Accredited Hotel

On your next visit to Belfast and the surrounding region, why not show some love to the planet by visiting these Green Tourism accredited hotels.

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