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Avoca Belfast is a blast of colour, taste and excitement, with great shopping and tasty take-out from the foodhall.

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The Bedeck Home store is one of the city’s most desirable interiors shops, offering the discerning customer a unique shopping experience all under one roof.

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Born & Bred

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Born & Bred (formerly Studio Souk) on Ann Street is a unique treasure trove of local handmade products.

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CastleCourt is a family friendly shopping centre with convenient car parking, all your favourite retail stores, cafes and coffee shops.

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Craft NI Gallery

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Craft NI promotes and supports the craft sector across Northern Ireland, as an integral and entrepreneurial part of the region's economy and culture.

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Craftworld is Belfast's top craft and hobby retailer with a selection of supplies for all your crafting needs.

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Direct Wine Shipments

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Direct Wine Shipments is Northern Ireland's "Aladdin's Cave of Wines" with a focus on high quality wines, niche growers and wine tasting.

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Junction Retail and Leisure Park

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The Junction Retail and Leisure Park is a unique shopping environment with 70 individual outlets and 10 catering outlets.

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Learning SPACE

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Learning SPACE specialises in educational resources and products that captivate, inspire and educate children.

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Lunn's the Jewellers

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Northern Ireland's leading jeweller, Lunn's is a family business with over 60 years experience of working with the world's leading brands.

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Matchetts Music

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A friendly family run business, which has been serving the musicians of Northern Ireland for over 80 years.

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Newbridge Silverware

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View and shop the exclusively designed and crafted gifts, jewellery and home collections at Newbridge Silverware's flagship store in Belfast city centre.

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Oakland Antiques

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Belfast's largest antique showrooms at the centre of Donegall Pass antiques and art gallery quarter.

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Old Time Favourites

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Old Time Favourites is a traditional sweet shop in the heart of the city, serving the people of Belfast for over 100 years. With a huge…

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On the Square Emporium

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"Probably the most interesting shop in the country…" You will discover the weird, the wonderful, the unexpected: antique furniture, vintage, industrial salvage, bric-a-brac, decorative furnishings and…

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Robinson’s Shoes

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Belfast-based shoemakers and luxury footwear retailer with over 60 years of experience.

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There's an old Belfast saying: "If you can't get it in Sawers, you can't get it anywhere." Selling a range of fine foods, it's Northern Ireland's…

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Seasalt Cornwall

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Inspired by Cornwall and creative life by the sea, Seasalt designs beautiful clothes, footwear and accessories that celebrate quality and simplicity.

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Sew ‘n’ Sew

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A beautifully unique store offering a Belfast touch to your arts and crafts needs

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Signature Works

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Making t-shirts personal with printing and embroidery, since 1971.

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Skechers put comfort first with a wide range of shoes for every age and activity, including their popular Memory Foam range.

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Smithfield Market

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In the heart of Belfast's retail district, Smithfield Market is a shopper's haven: antiques and collectibles to camping and boxing gear!

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SS Moore Sports

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A real sports shop for real sports people in Belfast City Centre, stocking Ireland and Ulster Rugby kits.

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St George's Market

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St George's Market is one of Belfast's oldest attractions and one of the best markets in the UK and Ireland.

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The Steensons is one of Ireland's leading designers in handcrafted contemporary jewellery.

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The Boulevard

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Home to more than 50 of the world’s best-known retail brands, The Boulevard, near Banbridge is a shopping destination like no other.

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UNIQUE Art & Design Shop

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UNIQUE Art and Design Shop sells arts and crafts designed and handcrafted by students and graduates of Ulster University.

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Victoria Square

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Northern Ireland's premier shopping and leisure destination, with over 70 fabulous stores and restaurants suitable for the whole family.

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