Belfast has many attractions that are becoming much more accommodating for families with a child who has additional needs. Find out Belfast’s top sensory friendly attractions that help individuals feel more comfortable during their visit. From sensory guides to quiet hours, you and your family will be sure to have a great day out!

W5 5

Quiet Rooms at W5

W5 works with groups to provide Autism friendly experiences throughout the year. W5 also have a Quiet Room for visitors who need some quieter time, including children and adults with sensory needs or individuals on the autism spectrum, to take a break from the main exhibition spaces, crowds, noise and excitement of W5.

Autism Friendly Sessions at High Rise

One Sunday per month from 10am, High Rise in Lisburn goes quiet for autism tailored Clip ‘n Climb and soft play sessions (see website for 2023 dates). During these sessions the centre will be quieter (no music playing and fewer guests) and our instructors will deliver a shorter, autism-friendly safety briefing for Clip ‘n Climb. Find out more and book>>

Airtastic Newtownabbey Soft Play Centre 1

Quiet Air at Airtastic

Airtastic’s autism friendly ‘Quiet Air’ mornings take place in their Inflata Park every Sunday from 10am to 11am. Bounce down to Airtastic Belfast to enjoy lots of indoor inflatable fun! Book your session now. 

Dundonald International Ice Bowl

Inclusive Sessions at Dundonald International Ice Bowl

Inclusive Ice Skating sessions are ideal for individuals, aged 4 and over, with autism spectrum disorders, those with sensory sensitivities and non-mobility-related disabilities. Monthly on the second Tuesday and last Friday of the month from 4.15pm – 5.15pm.
BelfastZooChristmas 1 (1)

Quiet Hours at Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo hold specific dates for Quiet Hours, running from 9am to 10am to allow visitors with sensory requirements, along with their family and friends, to enter the zoo an hour before normal opening. Find out more here. Belfast Zoo also permit visitors with a JAM card, Autism Alert Card or National Autism Card to be fast tracked to the top of the admission queue during busy periods.

Lagan Valley LeisurePlex

Disability Friendly Sessions at Lagan Valley Leisureplex

The Pan Disability & Autism Friendly Swimming sessions are aimed at families with members who are disabled or on the Autistic Spectrum. The sessions provide participants and their families with an hour of fun in the Leisure Pool.  The sessions include fun floats, balls and rings for extra enjoyment, and all within a controlled and supervised environment.

Titanic Belfast Shipyard Ride

Titanic Belfast Sensory Aids

Titanic Belfast provide you with a sensory guide so that individuals on the autistic spectrum know what to expect prior to their visit. You can download this guide here. There are a number of other simple strategies that have been put in place to help individuals with ASD to enjoy their visit. Titanic Belfast have VIP wrist bands, ear defenders and staff are trained to recognise JAM Cards.

ASD Sessions   Montalto

ASD & Inclusion at Montalto Estate

Whether it’s someone with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Down Syndrome or any other additional or sensory needs, Montalto understand that coming to a visitor attraction can potentially be an overwhelming experience. This can also be the case for their families/carers. At Montalto Estate they strive to be ‘autism-friendly’, and as inclusive as possible, therefore they want to work with all their visitors and ensure they can enjoy their experience of Montalto.

High Rise Sensory

High Rise Sensory Rooms

High Rise Adventure Centre has been designed to be inclusive and accessible to allow the whole family to enjoy outings together  and includes a Changing Places accessible toilet, which is open to everyone. They also have 2 innovative sensory rooms with a range of state of the art features designed to support guests with additional needs.

Family Fun Beyond Belfast

Discover family fun attractions in Lisburn & Castlereagh and Ards & North Down, minutes from Belfast.

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