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Flame Restaurant stands out as an exceptional establishment, and it proudly holds its place as one of Belfast’s premier dining experiences.

Nestled in the heart of the city centre, precisely accessible from Franklin Street, Flame Restaurant finds its location between the Grand Central Hotel and The Maldron Hotel. You can discover this culinary gem on the Ground Floor of The Ewart Building.

Emphasizing on creating a captivating and pleasurable atmosphere, the chefs skillfully prepare and present some of Ireland’s most exquisite meats, cooked to absolute perfection. From the savoury main courses to the delightful desserts, every item on our menu has been meticulously crafted, promising an unforgettable culinary voyage for our esteemed guests.

We recently took a significant leap forward in 2023 by making a grand investment to upgrade to our new venue at The Ewart. The result is an upmarket and chic ambiance that exudes a touch of class. With this transformation, our restaurant now boasts a sophisticated and elegant setting, enhancing the overall dining experience for our valued guests.

Flame restaurant takes pride in its exceptional blend of “east meets west” cuisine, alongside the expertise of our highly skilled mixologists. They artfully prepare specialty beverages by combining carefully selected spirits, resulting in the most exquisite cocktails the city has to offer. Our diverse selection of wines, spirits, premium draught beers, and renowned cocktails guarantee an unparalleled experience for our patrons. We recommend making reservations well ahead of time to ensure you secure a spot.

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 12 noon - 9.00pm (lunch 12 noon-3pm, dinner 5-9.00pm)
Friday to Saturday: 12 noon - 9.30pm (lunch 12 noon-3pm, dinner 5-9.15pm)

Pre-Theatre Menu

Two courses for £22
Three courses for £27
Available Monday to Thursday, 5pm to 6.30pm

Drinks Offers

Selected £6.50 cocktails every day between 12pm and 7pm.
  • 3 Bedford Square
  • Belfast
  • Antrim
  • BT2 7EP

Top Reasons To Visit

  • Live entertainment on Friday & Saturday nights
  • Excellent local produce
  • Amazing steaks, Indian dishes and cocktails
  • City centre restaurant
  • Pre theatre menu

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