Belfast Castle

Set on the side of Cave Hill, Belfast Castle peers over Belfast Lough and a breathtaking view of the city. Explore the 360-degree Street View above to see the view for yourself, as well as the castle’s 19th Century Scottish baronial style architecture, its landscaped gardens and surrounding woodland. See more of the castle and gardens at

Cave Hill

For generations, Cave Hill has been synonymous with Belfast, with its imposing outline visible throughout the city. Named for the five caves located on the side of its cliffs, Cave Hill contains a wealth of natural, archaeological and historical features. But one of its most spectacular qualities is the view it offers from the top, where you can see the whole city, Belfast Lough and its shoreline beaches and the surrounding expanse of beautiful hills.

Hillsborough Forest

Hillsborough Forest is set within the historic landscape of Large Park, offering 150 acres of mixed woodland and lots of local wildlife. Check out the 360-degree image above for tranquil views across Hillsborough Lake which is spans through the middle of the park.

Divis and Black Mountain

Divis and Black Mountain offer spectacular views of Belfast Lough, Castlereagh Hills, Ards Peninsula and the Mourne Mountains. Follow the trail above and see how many landmarks you can see! Want to explore more? Download the Belfast Hills app for a gallery of local wildlife, flora and trail information.

Lagan Valley Regional Park

Between Stranmillis, Belfast and Union Locks, Lisburn, Lagan Valley Regional Park covers 4,500 acres of countryside and 11 miles of riverbank. Follow the trails on the Street View above to explore the forested park and to find tranquil views of the River Lagan!

Millisle Beach Park

If you’re missing the wide-open vistas of the sea, explore the beautiful view at Millisle Beach Park! This small sandy beach offers a panorama of the Irish Sea and Millisle’s picturesque seafront. The beach park has been awarded Green Coast status and a Rural Seaside Award, and is home an abundance for seaside wildlife.

Castle Espie

Castle Espie‘s tranquil setting offers the best views of Strangford Lough. The centre is home to Ireland’s largest collection of native and exotic water-birds, and you can see the wetlands and beautiful views on the lough on the 360 picture above!


Carlingford Lough

Carlingford Lough Ferry promises a voyage of discovery and unforgettable scenery, and until it’s safe to discover it in person again, you can enjoy the view virtually! The Street View above offers a glimpse from the ferry terminal at Greenore in the Republic of Ireland, across Carlingford Lough to the dramatic Mourne Mountains.

Castle Ward

Looking over the tranquil waters of Strangford Lough, you’ll find lots of picturesque spots at Castle Ward, from the 18th century mansion itself, to the sunken Victorian garden, woodland, lough trails and Georgian farmyard, which was used to portray Winterfell in Game of Thrones. Explore the waterfront and wander into Winterfell on the Street View above!

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