A city as old as Belfast has many stories. Uncover these stories by booking one of Belfast’s political history tours run by professional tour guides. Discover how far Belfast has come ‘post-conflict’. Visit Belfast’s Peace Wall, learn about the different murals, hear people’s stories and be immersed in the history of Belfast.

My Troubled Past Tour

Belfast Lad Tours offer a unique tour experience that tells the history, background and consequences of ‘The Troubles’ in Ulster from 1966 – 2013. Francis Higgins takes you on a personal journey of his story as he survived a bomb attack and two incidents where those beside him were murdered in cold blood. He tells his story of watching as his great uncle drew the line of the current Peacewalls on his mother’s coffee table in 1969 and his loss of two family members to the conflict.

Black Taxi Mural Tours

Enjoy an amazing local tour with Cab Tours Belfast, Belfast’s only cross-community owned black taxi tour company. Sit back, relax, and take in the history and scenery of Northern Ireland. By joining this Cab Tours Belfast, you can experience the best black taxi tour Belfast has to offer with a political, historic, and culturally rich tour of Belfast City and beyond. Belfast Cab Tour’s legendary award-winning, 5-star rated Belfast Mural Tours will give you an insight into everything you need to know. All Mural Tours are private tours by local guides providing political and historical background information and local knowledge about the murals and ‘The Troubles’ and conflict in Northern Ireland.

‘A History of Terror’ Walking Tour

Running daily at 10.30am, ‘A History of Terror’ starts at Belfast City Hall where your expert guide explains how and why ‘The Troubles’ started. Over two hours and 15 minutes you visit seven locations in the city centre where some of the most important events of the conflict occurred. The tour allows you to explore and understand the most turbulent period in Belfast’s recent past and what it was like to grow up and live here during ‘The Troubles’ .

value cabs taxi tours

Value Cabs Taxi Tours

Value Cabs offers a range of tours throughout Northern Ireland, with pick up and drop off at your hotel. Value Cabs offer a range of taxi tours taking in many of the cultural and historical highlights of our beautiful country. They offer a Belfast Political Taxi Tour which highlights the unique past of Belfast.

At the Peace Wall with Coiste Irish Political Tours

Falls/Shankill Tours

The joint Falls/Shankill Tour is a unique experience, blending the narratives of local republican former prisoners telling their story of the past decades whilst guiding visitors through the republican areas of West Belfast and then, at the famous gates of the Peace Wall, handing over the visitors to former loyalists activists to hear their narratives of their localities. This gives a unique first hand narrative of experiences across Belfast communities.

Belfast Political Black Taxi

Take a tour of the turbulent political history of Belfast. Belfast Sightseeing’s guides have full knowledge of the British / Irish conflict and can give you an in-depth tour of the murals and their reason for being, the key sites and the peace walls. Your informative and educated guide will have you walk these streets with scars of bullet holes and old army barracks.

A the Peace Walls with Coiste Irish Political Tours

Falls Road Mural Tours

A unique walking tour delivered by former political prisoners who share their personal experiences of the British/Irish conflict. The Coiste’s Falls Road Mural Walking Tour starts at Divis Tower at the bottom of the Falls Road and travels through a main arterial route of West Belfast, visiting The International Wall, the Republican Memorial gardens and many murals, each with their own particular story, some relating to conflict in other areas around the world.

Taxi Trax

Belfast Black Taxi Mural Tour

Many people pass by the world renowned Murals every day. Do they know the background stories ? Many local people have taken a tour with Taxitrax Guides. During the tour you will be guided and taught about the historical and political significance of different Belfast murals. Taxitrax tours will entertain, educate, enlighten and challenge perceptions. A living history tour told through the medium of the politically inspired wall murals.


Political Murals Street Art & Peace Gate by Belfastology

On this 2.5 hour Walk, you will discover some of the modern street art, by International Street Artists, Belfast is now becoming known for. During this tour you will head into the West of the city to view some of the more controversial Political Murals and hear how Northern Ireland is working with locals to create peace. You will also see a project called re-imaging, which aims to put Street Art or Murals up that the local communities want to share with all that pass by.

Belfast City Bike Tours

West Belfast Bike Tour

This bike tour of West Belfast’s Gaeltacht Quarter explores the history, culture and environment which shaped this historic part of the City. The tour can be conducted in Irish and English by local guides and follows the fantastic Sli na Gaeltachta heritage trail. Standout features include the International Wall; iconic murals and memorials throughout the Falls; an extended coffee break at An Culturlann; Belfast’s historic City Cemetery; Beechmount House; the beautiful Falls Park and River with the Black Mountain in the background; Milltown Cemetery and memorials and the Bog Meadows UNESCO wildlife reserve.

Belfast Walking Tours 8

Pack Up Your Troubles

Step into the darkest era of Belfast’s bloody history in this impartial and unbiased political walking tour. The 30-year conflict known as ‘The Troubles’ began in August 1969 and was responsible for more than 3,700 deaths across Catholic and Protestant communities. You’ll hear about how Belfast became divided emotionally, mentally, and physically by 40 kilometres of walls and steel. But you’ll also experience the power of hope and healing.

A taxi option is also available with this tour. Sit back, relax and experience Belfast from the comfort of a luxury vehicle. You’ll be chauffeured around the city come rain, hail, or shine.


Belfast Famous Black Cab Tours (Belfast Attractions)

Belfast Black Cab Tour

The Black Cab Tour brings you into the areas you’ve seen on television, where we use the murals to relate to events from an historical perspective and you follow in the footsteps of people such as the Dalai Lama and Bill Clinton and write your message on the Peace wall. These tour’s cover the origins of conflict, the mechanism of conflict and the resolution of conflict. All cabs are 6 seaters, wheelchair accessible, this tour can accommodate large groups.

Belfast A Pied

Belfast à Pied

Discover the city on a tour of Belfast, exclusively in French, led by Stéphane. Stéphane offers a range of tours, including their political ‘troubles’ tour. The tour aims to give you a clear understanding of the how and why of the very particular situation in which the province of Ulster finds itself.

Belfast Hidden Tours

Belfast Hidden Tours

Belfast Hidden Tours explore the city’s art, history, politics and culture by walking the streets, meeting local people and enjoying the craic! Their Belfast Beyond Walls is a tour that will help people understand the complex history of our city and how and why the period known as ‘The Troubles’ began.

All Sightseeing Tours

Are you looking for something different? Choose from walking, bus, boat, bike and taxi tours, as well as themed tours on Titanic, Game of Thrones, Giant’s Causeway, and food and drink.

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