We have created a Belfast 12 Pubs of Christmas guide for you to gather your friends together, throw on a Christmas jumper and visit 12 different pubs all in one night around Belfast’s city centre! Spend no more than 30 minutes in each venue and follow the fun rules for each pub you visit!

Belfast Christmas Market 3

1. Christmas Markets

First stop has to be at the Christmas Market. Head to the beer tent or enjoy a mulled wine as you browse the market stalls. There is really no better place to get you into the festive spirit. This year the Belfast Christmas Market will be open from 18 November until 22 December.

Rule 1: Nobody is allowed use their phone. Easier said then done.

Fountain Lane 4

2. Fountain Lane

Fountain Lane has been feeding and watering Belfast since 1901 – now that’s a lot of Christmases! Pick a drink from their full range of local brewed beers on draft, bottled beers, spirits, including an extensive range of local Irish whiskies; or grab a crafted cocktails.

Rule 2: Swap shoes with someone in the group before ordering your drink.

Granny Annies7

3. Granny Annies

Head to Granny Annies and enjoy live music as you take a sip of your third drink. Granny Annies is one of the renowned venues in Belfast for live music seven days a week. Oozing rustic charm, ‘home’ to traditional and modern live music, and just a few minutes’ walk from the second bar.

Rule 3: Use the wrong hand to drink.

revolucion de cuba (2)

4. Revolucion De Cuba

Stop 4 is Revolucion De Cuba. Mix things up by having one of their unique, delicious and refreshing cocktails. From the classic mojito made with Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, fresh mint leaves, lime, sugar and soda to the zombie that is a tiki classic.

Rule 4: Pretend you don’t know each other as you drink. Pick up a conversation with someone new.


5. The Jailhouse

Take a few candid pictures in the festively decorated Joy’s Entry before you venture into The Jailhouse, which was was once a derelict building for over 100 years. Enjoy the buzz inside and out before you head into the pub and make sure nobody gets left behind!

Rule 5: No speaking.

morning star site

6. The Morning Star

If you are feeling peckish on your journey The Morning Star is the perfect stop for you. An award winning pub in Belfast serving locally sourced food and top class drinks. Housed in the most ornate Victorian Grade 2 listed building it is easily identified by the superb Victorian sign hanging from a grandly exuberant iron bracket.

Rule 6: You can’t touch your own food or drink.

Whites Tavern and Oyster Rooms5

7. White's Tavern

White’s Tavern and Garden is the perfect pub for a winter’s night, as you enjoy a cold pint of Guinness around the open fireplace. The beautiful wooden beams, exposed brick walls, and rustic-chic seating add heaps of charm and character to this traditional Irish pub and bar. Celebrate the half way mark.

Rule 7: Shot (The moment the night takes a turn)!

Deer's Head Interior

8. Deer's Head

The Deer’s Head is Belfast city’s original brewpub with a fully functional on-site craft brewery, Bell’s Brewery, on full display inside this newly refurbished saloon bar. Since you are on pub 9 why not treat yourselves to their fantastic local craft beer selection.

Rule 8: No toilet breaks – This is just cruel.

Northern Whig

9. Northern Whig

Situated at the entrance to the Cathedral Quarter, The Northern Whig provides a memorable drinking experience in the heart of Belfast. If you can’t decide on what tipple to tackle first, the team at The Northern Whig will be only too happy to help you choose the right drink for you.

Rule 9: The smallest person in the group has to do a roll call. If they forget a name. They have to do a shot. This will also help to see if you’ve lost anyone.

Outside Duke of York on Commerical Court

10. The Duke of York

Nestled along a narrow cobbled alleyway in the historic Half Bap area, the Duke offers a traditional Belfast welcome, craic and music. The Duke of York is a traditional Belfast bar crammed with original mirrors and memorabilia, boasting cold beer, great Guinness and the largest selection of Irish whiskeys in Ireland.

Rule 10: Your not allowed to rest your drink anywhere. No putting it on a table. This might not be that hard…

The Dirty Onion Beer Garden

11. The Dirty Onion

The Dirty Onion is home to one of Belfast’s biggest beer gardens and a cozy peat fire inside, so they have got you covered during this busy festive season. Enjoy your celebratory drink as you listen to live entertainment, available 7 days a week.

Rule 11: No first names.

The National4

12. The National

You have made it – congratulations! Some you may have lost on the way – enjoy the final stop at The National, an intimate and unique setting with cocktail bar, nightclub and Belfast’s biggest beer garden. Grab a pint or an innovative awe-inspiring cocktail creation!

Rule 12: Get a celebratory group picture!

Please remember to drink responsibly. Find out more at www.drinkaware.co.uk.

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