Please note, with a lockdown in place until 1 April 2021, all non-essential retailers, accommodation providers and attractions included in our web pages will be closed.  Restaurants, pubs and cafés may open for takeaways only. Visit our Ideas page for ways to enjoy Belfast from home!

Merchant10 Conference

The Merchant Hotel

The Cocktail Bar at The Merchant serves an impeccable selection of exceptional drinks. From rare spirits to vintage champagnes, not to mention a cocktail list of encyclopaedic proportions that has something to suit every taste. View cocktail menu.

Fitzwilliam Sparkling Spring Break

The Bar at Fitzwilliam Hotel

To step into the sleek, sophisticated world of cocktails is to enter a zone of ageless glamour. At the Fitzwilliam Hotel the cocktails are memorable, gracious and give a unique drinking experience. There is an expansive range of cocktails to choose from with a flamboyant array of unique flavours, vivacious colours, textures and aromas. View cocktail menu.

The Sagart 6

The Sagart

This intimate kitchen and bar, located just off Bank Square, serves a tempting range of ‘saint vs sinner’ themed food and drinks. The cocktail menu features a range of bespoke concoctions, from the light and fruity to the dark and decadent, such as Seventh Heaven with Hennessy, peanut butter and Bailey’s icecream. View menu.

The National and Sixty6

The National Grande Café

With a chic interior, elegant beer garden and outdoor BBQ, The National Grande Café has it all; not to mention a tempting selection of cocktails. The menu includes fresh takes on the classics, plus a wide range of their own recipes with everything from smooth coffee-based drinks to light and bubbly punches. Not sure what to order? Their ‘mood’ guide will help you pick the perfect pour for how you’re feeling. View cocktail menu.



At AMPM, and in the upstairs Cabaret Supper Club and Treehouse rooftop bar, you’ll find an extensive cocktail menu. Sip on classic martinis or sours in the decadent surroundings of their bohemian interior, complete with hanging flowers, chandeliers and cosy candle-lit tables. View cocktail menu.

Rita's Belfast


This cosy cocktail bar in the Linen Quarter has luxurious furnishings and dimly-lit booths; perfect for a romantic date night or intimate catch up with friends. The drinks menu features variations of classic cocktails as well as elaborate range of unique recipes, with something to suit every taste. View cocktail menu.

Babel Belfast Cocktails

Babel Rooftop Bar and Garden

Babel is a popular rooftop bar and garden on the top level of the Bullitt hotel. Its elegant interior and outdoor terrace that hosts live music and BBQs in the summer make it the perfect venue for a cocktail night with the girls. Their ‘carefully-curated shrub cocktail’ menu is inspired by their living walls which contain over 300 plants. View cocktail menu.

Santeria 2


Focusing on classic and contemporary cocktails served without pretension, Santeria is a lively bodega by night complete with irresistible rhythms, funk, soul and great drinks! You’ll find a laid back café bar by day serving coffee, local beers, cocktails and everything in between. View Drinks Menu >>

Making cocktails at Cafe Parisien

Café Parisien

Pop off to Paris for the evening in the chic Café Parisien. The cocktail menu is packed with French-inspired drinks like L’Orange Cosmopolitan and La Bella Vie (vodka, Blanquette de Limoux, pressed apple); perfect for sipping while taking in the views of Belfast City Hall and the stunning surrounding architecture. View cocktail menu.

Grand Central Observatory

The Observatory

Head to the dizzy heights of the Observatory on the 23rd floor of the Grand Central hotel. As well as dazzling views you’ll find an impressive cocktail list themed on Belfast’s landmarks and city quarters. Drinks combine timeless classics with mixologists’ latest trends, resulting in unique creations as sublime as the panorama around you. View cocktail menu.

More Ideas

TheGrandCentralHotel Afternoon Tea 04 Jack Hardy 2018

Afternoon Tea

Treat yourself to an indulgent afternoon tea in Belfast with finger sandwiches, sweet treats and steaming pots of tea.

Cocktails at Sweet Afton Bar

Belfast Pub Trail

Enjoy a great range of Irish beers in Belfast, thanks to Diageo’s Pub Trail Map. Sample a pint of Guinness or Smithwick’s at some of the city’s top pubs and bars.

Please remember to drink responsibly. Find out more at

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