With pubs, tours and tastings galore, Belfast is a whiskey-lover’s dream. Discover top distillery experiences in Belfast and the surrounding area.

Hinch Distillery Tours

Hinch Distillery

Hinch Distillery is located on the Killaney Estate, in the heart of beautiful County Down countryside just north of Ballynahinch and south of Belfast. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about how Hinch Distillery make their award winning whiskey on their guided tour! There are two tasting tours to choose from lasting approximately one hour each.

Titanic Distillers 2

Titanic Distillers

Visitors to Titanic Distillers at Thompson Dock will experience the workings of the distillery and hear the story of Belfast’s whiskey tradition, why it disappeared and how it has now returned to the home of Titanic Distillers – the city’s first working distillery in almost 90 years. There are currently 4 different tours to choose from.

McConnells Whiskey 3

J & J McConnell’s Distillery and Visitor Experience

A legend is restored in Belfast. McConnell’s Irish Whisky is back in the city it calls home. Discover their state-of-the-art McConnell’s Distillery, where every step echoes heritage and innovation. Experience their new home at A-wing, Crumlin Road Gaol and immerse yourself in the passion behind their award-winning whiskies. Join to find out more about a brand born in Belfast in 1776, that is now being restored globally. You’ll learn about the distilling process and of course, taste some of McConnell’s award-winning Irish whiskies along the way.

Belfast Whiskey Club 2

Belfast Whiskey Club

Belfast Whiskey Club welcomes visitors from all over the world to experience unique whiskey tastings in some of Belfast’s most famous traditional pubs. The sessions aim to spark debate, fuel discussion and offer a taste of exceptional whiskeys. Though the club is based in the Duke of York bar in the Cathedral Quarter, they can be found hosting their tastings in a plethora of bars in the city and further afield in Northern Ireland.

Taste and Tour on Commercial Court

Taste and Tour's Whiskey Walk

Join Taste and Tour on a Whiskey Walk around Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, led by an Irish Whiskey Ambassador. You’ll get the chance to sample seven different whiskeys, see a whiskey cocktail demonstration and enjoy some tasty nibbles.


Private Whiskey Tasting

Enjoy a private whiskey tasting in Henry’s – a licensed premises for over 100 years and steeped in Belfast history.

Look out for the calendar of events online or book a private session with Henry’s whiskey experts.

echlinville distillery

Echlinville Distillery

The Echlinville Distillery Tour offers a unique insight into the workings of a family run farm distillery. Enjoy welcome refreshments at the historic Echlinville Manor House then follow the journey of Echlinville’s spirits from ground to glass. Distillery Tours should be booked in advance here. The Distillery Shop is open Monday to Saturday 11am-5pm or buy online.

Whiskey Experiences

Self-Guided Whiskey Walk

Pop into the Visit Belfast Welcome Centre and pick up a free Barrel Folk map from Whiskey Experiences in Belfast. Follow this self-guided tour to spot hand-painted Jameson whiskey barrels positioned in bars throughout Belfast. You’ll take in some of the best whiskey bars in the city along the way where, of course, you’ll have to stop for a wee dram.

The Dirty Onion Beer Garden

Boilermakers at the Dirty Onion

Fan of whiskey and beer? Dirty Onion has come up with the perfect way to serve both: a measure of Irish whiskey and a pint of local craft beer presented on a whiskey barrel stave – collectively known as a Boilermaker. Each serving is designed to bring out complementary flavours in the whiskey and beer. You can read all about the pairing aromas and the history of the Boilermaker on the Boilermaker menu or ask a knowledgeable member of the bar’s staff.

cloth ear

Cloth Ear

This contemporary Irish pub at the Merchant Hotel boasts a huge whiskey menu featuring an array of Irish, Scottish and American whiskeys. Or try something new. The Cloth Ear’s ‘hoptails’ (beer cocktails) include a whiskey mix combined with an Irish pale ale.

Merchant11 Conference

Redbreast Whiskey Tasting Flight

The Merchant Hotel’s cocktail bar promises five-star luxury, an open fire and a luxurious setting to sample Irish whiskey. Order the Redbreast Whiskey Tasting Flight and enjoy four of Ireland’s finest whiskeys in what was awarded World’s Best Cocktail Bar.

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