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Experience a Titanic city full of surprises and hidden gems. Soak up the lively atmosphere, stroll along fine Victorian streets, enjoy world-class visitor attractions and indulge in a cafe, restaurant and entertainment scene that can rival any city in Europe.

Belfast is quick and easy to get to, it’s just two hours from Dublin by car, bus or train. Or if you’re flying from Great Britain, you can travel to Belfast from around 20 different airports, with the London to Belfast flight taking just one hour and 20 minutes.


Crown Liquor Saloon

6.30pm - A Belfast Welcome

After settling into your hotel, dive straight into the city’s night life with a pint at the Crown Liquor Saloon Bar.

Dating back to 1826, this glorious Victorian gin palace is a priceless gem with mosaic tiled floors, stained-glass windows and cosy snugs (private seating areas).

Enjoy an eclectic range of real ales and a generous helping of our famous Belfast hospitality.


Grand Central Grand Cafef Breakfast2

9am - Breakfast

Start your morning with breakfast in the luxurious surroundings of the Grand Cafe at Grand Central Hotel.

Choose everything from baked eggs to a full Ulster fry to go along with your morning coffee.

Visitors at Big Fish

10am - The Big Fish

Make your way to the River Lagan where you’ll discover The Salmon of Knowledge, more commonly referred to as The Big Fish, which is decorated with printed ceramic tiles telling the story of Belfast. A favourite selfie spot, legend says if you kiss The Big Fish you’ll gain all of its knowledge!

Titanic Belfast

Titanic Quarter

Cross the Lagan Weir Footbridge to enter the Titanic Quarter. This area is steeped in the rich history and tradition of the citys shipbuilding heritage. The worlds most famous ship was built in the city over 100 years ago. It took three years and 3,000 men to build RMS Titanic and, at the time of her launch, she was the largest man-made object on the planet.

Walk the maritime mile to discover many wonderful attractions from the Big Fish to Titanic Belfast and the vast Thompson Dry Dock, and explore Belfast’s Titanic heritage.

Titanic Belfast 2

10.30am - Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast is a must-see on any visit to Belfast. It features nine interactive galleries telling the tragic story of the world’s most famous ship. From the history of the city and men who built her, to the tragedy of the ship sinking, you’ll experience it all with original footage and interactive exhibits. Book online to avoid the queues.

Titanic Belfast and SS Nomadic

SS Nomadic

Don’t forget, your Titanic Belfast ticket also includes entry to SS Nomadic, Titanic Belfast’s little sister ship and the last remaining White Star Line vessel. Come on board and experience over 100 years of authentic maritime and social history.

Dock Cafe


In between tours, take a stroll over to The Dock Cafe for a bite to eat. It’s the only honesty box cafe in Belfast, meaning that you only pay what you can afford. Find a table, a squashy sofa or a cosy corner to watch the world go by. Browse a huge range of local art and photography and dabble with a range of board games and jigsaws.

Victoria Square

3.30pm - Shopping

Heading back to the city centre, cross the Queen’s Bridge where you’ll spot Nuala with the Hoola, a sculpture officially known as the Beacon of Hope. Follow Ann Street to Victoria Square, Belfast’s premier shopping centre, where you’ll find four fabulous floors of gorgeous glamour and stunning styles, topped by an iconic dome with panoramic views across the city.

Art gallery at The Mac


Discover the best of local theatre and art at The MAC, or stroll along the cobbled streets and fairy light lined allies to find a lively bar and settle in for the night!


St George's Market food stall

10am - Breakfast

After a late night, wake up to a traditional Ulster Fry, an essential taste experience during your visit to Belfast. Visit St George’s Market, a culinary and cultural adventure, with everything from fresh food to live music. For breakfast on the move, opt for a Belfast Bap filled with local bacon while you dander around the market stalls which are packed with handmade crafts, fresh food and antiques.

Belfast City Hall Lit Up at Night

11.30am - Belfast City Hall

A five minute walk from St George’s Market, you’ll find the iconic Belfast City Hall. A prominent, copper topped building, it’s hard to miss!

Take a free daily tour to learn about its fascinating history, architecture and surrounding gardens including the Titanic Memorial Garden.

HMS Caroline

HMS Caroline

Or explore HMS Caroline, Belfast’s very own floating museum at Alexandra Dock, and last surviving vessel from the World War One Battle of Jutland in 1916. Having undergone extensive restoration, the visitor experience enables visitors to discover a range of historic spaces including Captain Crookes’ Cabin, the engine room, sick bay and galley kitchen.

Sundays at Crumlin Road Gaol

Crumlin Road Gaol

It’s well worth hopping off the bus at Crumlin Road Gaol, a 19th century prison which witnessed 150 years of imprisonment, conflict and executions before it closed its doors in 1996 and reopened as a visitor attraction. Discover what prison life was like and visit the condemned man’s cell and execution room.

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