Discover Belfast’s rich history with this wide range of guided and self-guided tours. Choose from cycling, walking, taxi tours and more and let the experts show you the city.

DC Tours City Hall 1

DC Tours

DC Tours run award-winning city centre walking tours and a range of self-guided audio tours. You can join their ‘A History of Terror’ tour where your expert guide explains how and why the Troubles started. Over two hours and 15 minutes you visit seven locations in the city centre where some of the most important events of the conflict occurred. Or opt for the ‘Best of Belfast Walking Tour’ which is the perfect two hour introduction to Belfast and its unique past. Along the way you will discover fantastic street art, beautiful architecture, amazing history and the unique stories of Belfast’s citizens throughout the centuries.

If you prefer a self guided tour, download the ‘DC Tours Belfast’ app. This range of free and premium self-guided tours are packed full of historical information, pictures, audio and video, with a GPS mapping system allowing you to take total control of your experience.

Clifton House (2019 04 08 08 06 24 UTC) (2)

In Life & Death: Clifton House & Clifton Street Cemetery Tour

The history of Belfast begins at Clifton House! From the moment you step through the door you will be transported back in time to the Belfast Poor House – opened in 1774 – which provided sanctuary to thousands of people, from the young and old, to local citizens and passing sailors, throughout the years. With their augmented reality, visitors can now fully immerse themselves in what life was like in the late eighteenth century. During this tour you will visit Clifton Street Cemetery and see the final resting place of radicals including Henry Joy and Mary Ann McCracken, Thomas McCabe & William Drennan; poets and artists; American slaves; and wealthy families buried alongside one of the largest famine graveyards in Ireland.


Belfastology Walking Tours

Discover Belfast in a sustainable and eco friendly way. Hear of the Belfast humble beginnings, its troubled past. Yet rise to be a global leader in its own right. You can choose from a selection of tours or a bespoke one to suit the assembled group.

Marti will take you on a wee dander (as we say around here) through the city he grew up in, and as you go on a voyage of discovery, he’ll paint a picture off its past, present and future. Noted for it’s marvelous architecture, renowned for it’s shipbuilding, and praised for it’s attempts to bring peace to it’s people.


Belfast Free Walking Tours

Belfast Free Walking Tour

Belfast Free Walking Tour is the only local, independent free tour company in Belfast, and all of the guides love to share their city and its stories with visitors. Belfast is one of the most vibrant, historical and up-and-coming cities in Europe.

On the tour, explore the history of the city and its people, visiting iconic landmarks and discuss Belfast’s troubled history, languages, culture, the 1798 rebellions, legends and folklore and much more.

Titanic Belfast the Discovery Tour   Outdoor Only

The Discovery Tour at Titanic Belfast

Experience a one hour walking tour including a walk around the Titanic Slipways and inside the Titanic Belfast building. Stand where Titanic once proudly overlooked the city from her slipway, listen to passenger stories, celebrate the architectural wonder that is Titanic Belfast and learn about the wider Titanic Quarter and its remarkable regeneration.

This one-hour tour, which complements a visit to the nine interactive galleries inside Titanic Belfast, will also feature discussion on the Drawing Offices, where Thomas Andrews and his colleagues designed Titanic and the Olympic Class liners, and their history and importance.

If Buildings Could Talk Tour Sunflower Bar

If Buildings Could Talk Tour

Take a tour through Belfast City centre and hear stories of interesting, unusual and entertaining events that have happened in Belfast over the last 150 years. Every building in every city has a story to tell and Belfast is no different. Join this leisurely 2 hour walk through the city, billed as “the most entertaining tour in Belfast”.

Hidden Tours Belfast Experience

Belfast Hidden Tours

Belfast Hidden Tours explore the city’s art, history, politics and culture by walking the streets, meeting local people and enjoying the craic! Learn about Belfast’s history as a centre of trade, industry and culture through the ages. From its role in the formation of the United Irishmen and the 1798 Rebellion, to the horrific loss of life during the Belfast Blitz of 1941 and the 30 years leading up to the Good Friday Peace Agreement of 1998, locally known as The Troubles.

Black Cab Tours

The Black Cab Tour

The Black Cab Tour will show you some the key points of ‘The Troubles’ using local murals. Travel through the areas you’ve seen on television exploring the murals on both sides of the community, Loyalist and Republican from a historical perspective.

SSNomadic4 Conference

Titanic Trail

Using a detailed map, uncover the story of the Titanic as you journey from the Titanic Memorial Garden at Belfast City Hall, through the city to the Titanic Quarter. You will discover a number of the key Titanic and maritime heritage attractions including SS Nomadic, Harland & Wolff Drawing Offices, Titanic Belfast, Titanic and Olympic Slipways, and Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House.

The free, self-guided Titanic Trail is available to download on your mobile device.


Coiste Irish Political Tours

Take a unique walking tour delivered by former political prisoners who share their personal experiences of the British/Irish conflict. Experience authentic tours, delivered by trained guides where you will explore the richness of the history and culture of West Belfast murals and more. All Coiste guides are political ex-prisoner of the republican community and will share their particular perspectives on the history of the area they grew-up in.

This political exchange would have been unheard of until very recently and is a fascinating way to spend a few hours with those who have first-hand experience of the British/Irish conflict

Cairde na Cille 8

Friar’s Bush Belfast Tours

Travel back in time with Cairde na Cille (Friends of the Churchyard) through Victorian and Georgian Belfast, the Middle Ages and into the Land of Saints, Scholars, Sinners and Pagans! Friar’s Bush Cemetery has it all! Belfast’s most ancient burial place at Baile Bhaile na mBráithre offers Belfast’s closest connection to traditional Celtic Ireland of myth, music and legend.

Cab Tours Belfast Mural3

Cab Tours Belfast

Enjoy an amazing local tour with the award-winning Cab Tours Belfast, Belfast’s only cross-community owned black taxi tour company. Sit back, relax, and take in the history and scenery of Northern Ireland.

From the streets of Belfast, and the historic Crumlin Road Gaol to the beauty of the Giants Causeway, and the rugged Game of Thrones filming locations, they have personalised experiences for every visitor.

Dr Toms Tours

Dr Tom's Tours

Dr Tom’s Tours specialises in leading guided walking tours that explore the complex and confusing history of Belfast, with particular expertise on the city’s political, social, medical and conflict history.

There is a range of tours on offer. You can learn about the people and places which helped shaped Belfast’s history, as well as being guided through different era’s of history, from the 1750s to the Second World War.


Belfast Political Black Taxi

Belfast Sightseeing guides have a full knowledge of the British / Irish conflict and can give you an in-depth tour of the murals and their reason for being. Your informative and educated guide will have you walk these streets with scars of bullet holes and old army barracks. Their tour is 90 minutes long.

More Tours

Belfastlad Tours Brewery Quarter

Belfastlad Tours

Belfastlad tours are rated in the top 3% of 5-star rated tours in the world. From the Giant’s Causeway to Cork they provide luxury transport using a Mercedes V-Class vehicle. Enjoying the scenery along the way, you will also visit places away from the usual ‘tourist trail’ and discover the beauty of Ireland first hand with an expert guide. Take their political tours round the city and hear about the lives and history of the tour guides themselves, living through the Troubles.

Belfast Bike Tours 4

Belfast Bike Tours

You can cover so much of the city by bike! Starting at the Titanic Quarter, you’ll check out the Titanic slipways, a World War One battle ship and a 1970s floating disco which used to ferry passengers to the Titanic itself. The tour will finish at St George’s market, after covering many destinations such as Cathedral Quarter, Belfast City Hall, Botanical Gardens and many more.

Taxi Trax

Taxi Trax

Taxi Trax is the original Belfast Black Taxi Tour with over 40 years experience. You will be guided through sites of historical and political interest, explain the significance of the Belfast murals and share the secrets of key landmarks. Taxi Trax offers a free pick up service throughout Belfast city centre and, if booked in advance, you can be collected from your airport or cruise ship.

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