Steeped in Victorian history and experiencing an ever-evolving cultural scene, Belfast is a treasure trove of historic sites, architecture and landmarks from the past and present.

Harland & Wolff Cranes

These two massive, yellow cranes are prominent features in the Belfast skyline. Once serving one of the world’s largest shipyards, the structures remain an important symbol of Belfast’s industrial and maritime history and are seen as icons of the city today. Take the perfect picture from the Titanic Quarter, and explore the Titanic Slipways and Thompson Dry Dock while you’re there.


RISE Sculpture

RISE is a landmark artwork located at Broadway Roundabout, Belfast, one of the main gateways to the city. It is the biggest public art sculpture in Belfast. The sculpture’s two globes, cast in white steel, symbolise the rising of the sun and new hope for Belfast’s future. It aims to help revitalise Belfast, bringing a new focus to the area and projecting a vibrant, confident image of the city.

Big Fish

Stop by the Big Fish at the River Lagan. Also known as the Salmon of Knowledge, the fish celebrated the regeneration of the River Lagan and is covered in ceramic blue ‘scales’ depicting scenes from Belfast’s history. Take a photo with Harland and Wolff’s iconic yellow cranes in the background. Or get a picture with a pout; legend has it you gain wisdom if you kiss the fish!

Titanic Belfast

The majestic Titanic Belfast building that presides over the River Lagan is one of the most Instagrammed buildings in Ireland! The historic slipways where Titanic and her sister ship Olympic were built and first launched into the water offer plenty of fantastic photo opportunities, day and night.

Glass of Thrones

These unique installations celebrate the 10-year production of Game of Thrones in Belfast. Each of the six, large stained glass windows represents a different house from the show, depicting scenes from seasons one to seven. Follow the windows’ trail from Belfast City Hall to the footprint of the Titanic Studios in the Titanic Quarter.

Belfast City Hall

One of the city’s most photographed buildings, Belfast City Hall has beautiful, classical Rennaisance design and tastefully lit paneling, which changes colour to reflect holidays, celebrations and awareness days. Don’t forget to venture inside, as it is free to visit, and the interiors are just as inspiring as its incredible exterior.

Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle is located in the Cave Hill area of north Belfast. It makes the perfect backdrop for a standout photo with the cliffs behind as well as offering superb views of the city from a variety of vantage points.

CS Lewis Square

This is one for all you Narnia lovers! CS Lewis Square in East Belfast features seven bronze sculptures from ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, including Aslan, The White Witch, Mr Tumnus, The Beavers, The Robin and The Stone Table! Get a picture perfect for the ‘gram.

Commerical Court

This narrow cobbled street in the Cathedral Quarter is a favourite with Instagrammers from all over. The historic buildings, fairylights and flowers often adorning the face of the adjacent Duke of York make for a gorgeous picture; whether the street is empty or full of people enjoying Belfast’s vibe on a night out.

Street Art

Belfast has always had an affinity with street art. Murals tell the story of our political history; while new, emerging street art depicts Belfast’s artistic and cultural scene today.

The Spaniard

The Spaniard is a much-loved pub in the heart of the bustling Cathedral Quarter. Its cosy, narrow interior is often packed to capacity with regulars and visitors alike who come for the rum and stay for the lively atmosphere.

Belfast Romances

This mural on Bullitt Hotel came from a collaboration with local artist Leo Boyd, Jameson Irish Whiskey and DC Tours. Created in a pop-art style, the colourful artwork is an ode to the artist’s favourite things and is now a stop on DC Tours’ city walking tour. Find it on the external wall of Bullitt Hotel facing Jubliee Gardens.

The Duel of Belfast

This stunning piece of street art by Irish artist Conor Harrington can be found on Hill Street in the Cathedral Quarter. It hints towards the colonial West, depicting two duelling men and an onlooker.


Belfast is nestled between rolling hills and an expansive lough, making for stunning natural landscapes around and within the city. Capture the glory of a sunrise on Cave Hill; or snap the beauty of the city’s many parks.

Botanic Gardens

Just a stroll from the city centre, visit Botanic Gardens for manicured gardens and colourful flower beds. In the centre of the park is an unmissable Victorian-style glasshouse housing tropical plants. Both the exterior and its displays inside are really photogenic, so don’t miss the opportunity for some garden-inspired Instrgramming.

Tropical Ravine

Next to the Victorian glasshouse in Botanic Gardens you’ll find a modern Tropical Ravine full of rare species of tropical plants. The ravine is split over two levels with an open reception area on the ground floor, and the building has been modernised to make it more energy efficient to retain heat and create the right environment for the tropical plants it is home to.

Cave Hill

Cave Hill is synonymous with Belfast, with its imposing outline visible throughout the city. The landmark, named for the five caves located on the side of the cliffs, contains a wealth of natural, archaeological and historical features, including Belfast Castle. Take a shot of the dramatic outline of the hill’s cliff face or climb to the top for breathtaking views of the city.

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