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To celebrate 10 years of filming in Northern Ireland, Tourism Ireland created giant, stained glass windows depicting some of the most iconic scenes from Game of Thrones.

The windows were unveiled to coincide with the final season of the show with each one representing a different house or legacy; including the Lannisters, Baratheons, Targaryens, White Walkers and the Iron Throne. The designs include the most talked-about scenes from seasons one to seven based on fans’ online searches.

Find the Glass of Thrones installations dotted throughout Belfast city centre and Titanic Quarter, forming a trail from Waterfront Hall to Titanic Studios. Take a stroll to rediscover the most iconic moments from the saga immortalised in stained glass.

Glass of Thrones Locations Map

Find the locations of the six Glass of Thrones windows throughout Belfast city centre and the Titanic Quarter using the map below or download the Trail Map here >> Download. Please note window one, Stark Window, has been temporarily removed. Start your Glass of Thrones trail at The Lannister Window at Waterfront Hall.

Glass of Thrones Window Details

The windows depict different scenes from the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones®. Here’s what to expect at each.

Glass of Thrones Window 2

1. Waterfront Hall

Stroll to the first window at Waterfront Hall, where you can see the gruesome trials and triumphs of House Lannister. The explosion at the Sept, Tywin’s assassination and Oberyn Martell’s brutal death at the hands of the Mountain all make an appearance.

Glass of Thrones Window 3

2. Lagan Weir

The second window sits at the Lagan Weir footbridge. Featuring a striking portrait of the Red Woman, Gendry’s war hammer and a shadow assassin, it depicts some of House Baratheon’s most iconic moments.

Glass of Thrones Window 4

3. Odyssey Point

Cross the River Lagan to Odyssey Point next to SSE Arena, where you’ll find a window dedicated to House Targaryen. As well as an epic picture of Daenerys riding a fire-breathing dragon, it includes Viserys’ unforgettable death by molten gold.

Glass of Thrones Window 5

4. SS Nomadic

You’ll find the most chilling installation at SS Nomadic. This White Walker themed window features some hair-raising scenes from beyond The Wall, including Hodor’s death, the advance of the dead on a partially frozen lake and the Night King riding a fiery, dead dragon.

Glass of Thrones Window 6

5. Titanic Slipways

Located on the Titanic Slipways next to Titanic Studios the sixth window is a fitting tribute to the Iron Throne. It features a built-in stool so you can get a selfie on seat  the throne, overlooking the very studios that brought Game of Thrones® to life!

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